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The Reduction of Bureaucratic Hurdles for the Military Was Made Law by a Recently Passed Bill.

Acting Governor Sheila Oliver signed into law legislation introduced by Senator Kristin Corrado that would allow non-resident military personnel to drive in New Jersey without first obtaining a driver’s license from the state.

Incredibly relieved that this legislation was passed into law, I say. Every two or three years, members of the armed forces get Permanent Change of Station orders that require them and their families to relocate to a new military base (R-40).
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The subject of whether or not military families need to get a new driver’s license while moving to a new state is a common one. Florida and Maryland, for example, recognize out-of-state licenses for drivers in the armed forces.

However, this was not allowed by New Jersey. This new law will put an end to that discrimination and make it much simpler for military spouses to obtain driver’s licenses in California without having to navigate complex bureaucracies.
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Formerly, new New Jersey residents had 60 days (or 120 days in the event of a public health emergency) to transfer their out-of-state driver’s license and vehicle title/registration to New Jersey.

S-152/A-325, sponsored by Corrado, would make it legal for a non-resident member of the armed forces, as well as the member’s spouse and dependent children, to drive a motor vehicle on New Jersey roadways without first obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license, so long as the non-resident already possesses a valid driver’s license issued by their state of residence.

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