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A Man in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Buys Billboards and Ads to Find a Kidney Donor.

Doylestown’s 74-year-old Don Brown is on over a dozen billboards in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Times Square.

Brown needs a living kidney immediately.”It’s life or death,” said Doylestown resident Brown.

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His website describes his worsening health: “My kidneys are failing from heavy metal exposure as a young adult in my family’s scrap metal industry. I’ve survived this long by following a plant-based diet and weight training to slow my renal condition.”

Time is limited. Brown is praying for a living donor by January.
“Many friends helped us put this campaign together,” Brown said.

He had Times Square billboards this weekend. He has 13 Pennsylvania and New Jersey billboards. He has over 70 SEPTA, radio, and bus stop digital advertising.
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On, his friends joke about finding a kidney. They also list his Doylestown contributions.

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Brown founded a group for widows. His company pays for house renovations for young families and mentors entrepreneurs.

“He’s a remarkable person who’s changed many lives. If he can find a living kidney donor, he’ll have 20 more years to serve others “said Emily Cohen, who met Brown through his widow support group.

which will link donors to the National Kidney Donation Organization and Registry. Eligible donors will be screened.
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Brown stated the donor need not match. “The National Kidney Registry and NKO operate together. Kidney banks accept donations. I get a coupon to take to a kidney transplant center if they donate, regardless of the medical match.

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