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Nj Labour Leaders, Elected Officials Demand $350m From State to Offset Health Benefits Increases.

On January 1, the state is likely to adopt large increases to health benefits, and labor leaders and government officials are asking the state for a contribution of three hundred and fifty million dollars in order to fund these initiatives.
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The vast bulk of the costs connected with these benefits increases will be borne by the individual towns and counties, and these costs may, in turn, be passed on to the individual taxpayers.

Representatives of the labor movement have stated that there will be a 20% increase in the cost of insurance for local governments and that there will be an 18% increase in the cost of pension contributions.

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Andre Sayegh, the Mayor of Paterson, has warned that in order for his municipality to be able to pay the increased expenditures, they may be forced to close either a local library or a firehouse.


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