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New Jersey Residents Should Keep an Eye on the Sky Tonight for a Spectacular Meteor Shower.

It would appear that Mother Nature is going to make tonight in New Jersey a good one for observing the Geminids meteor shower.
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Even though I’m 47 years old, one of my absolute favorite things to do is stare up into the sky and watch for falling stars. I find meteor showers to be really awe-inspiring. There’s never a dull moment when you watch one streak through the sky.

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Astronomers forecast that a Geminids meteor shower will be active all throughout the night on Tuesday and will be visible to the naked eye until early on Wednesday morning.

As part of one of the most important astronomical occurrences that will take place in 2022, experts predict that more than 100 meteors per hour could be seen when watched from dark regions.

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However, because the moon’s light can obscure fainter meteors, your greatest opportunity to view the Geminids will be BEFORE the moon rises tonight (sometime between 5 and 7 p.m.). This is because the moon’s light will wash away the fainter ones.

According to, the Geminids shooting stars that are the brightest are green. Given this information, you should now know what to watch for!

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According to reports, these objects, which are referred to as “Earthgrazers,” loiter in the air. How riveting is that!


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