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HomenewsAtlanta Child Murders family demands DNA testing.

Atlanta Child Murders family demands DNA testing.

ATLANTTA — On Tuesday, the families of at least four victims of the Atlanta Child Murders met to demand the release of all DNA tests related to the case.

A year after the city promised to retest DNA evidence in the cases, the group claims it has heard nothing further from the authorities.

Catherine Leach, the mother of murdered 13-year-old Curtis Walker, said, “I’ve waited and waited for somebody to come and tell me that they found the killer of Curtis but no one ever comes.” “I’m still in agony; I still hurt because I still don’t have justice.

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At least 29 Black children lost their lives as a result of the crime wave that afflicted Atlanta families from 1971 to 1981.

40 years later, there is still widespread disagreement over both the case’s facts and the responsibility for the deaths of more than two dozen children.

Even though one man, Wayne Williams, has been identified as the killer, many people are still questioning whether or not he is indeed responsible.

Williams was found guilty of the murder of just two grown males.
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He was wrongfully convicted and given a life sentence in 1982, but he has never stopped insisting on his innocence. Currently, he is a resident at Telfair State Prison.

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Atlanta’s former mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, has stated that the city will reexamine the murders this year.

She went so far as to say the probe could go as far back as 1985 to catch any children or other victims who might have been missed in the 1970s.

The following year, she stated that authorities would be sending DNA evidence from the murders to a facility in Utah.

Williams’ new lawyer, Janis Mann, was quoted by 11Alive earlier this year as saying that he and the relatives of the murdered children have waited too long to find out what transpired from that evidence.

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No answers have been provided by the city of Atlanta or the Fulton County DA, and “we have absolutely no evidence as to what has been revealed,” Mann said.

I contacted the city, the Atlanta Police Department, and the district attorney’s office for information on the samples, and was told that there was no report available at this time.

Who is at fault in these circumstances is still up for grabs. Williams has long been suspected by investigators.

Some of the families 11Alive spoke with on Thursday said they don’t believe he’s guilty of the deaths of their children, despite the fact that authorities indicated they didn’t charge him in order to spare the relatives of the victims from a trial.

We’ve been used as a pawn by those who don’t care about the truth but rather want to shame the families of those who died.

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Cousin Nicolas Burston stated, “I think Wayne Williams is an innocent man and I always said free Wayne Williams.” Anthony Carter, 9, was the eleventh child killed in the massacre.

Many see the Atlanta Child Murders as a blot on the city’s otherwise illustrious past. Many observers of the case point to the past and stress the unresolved nature of certain facets of criminal activity.

The Atlanta Police Department and the forensics lab handling the DNA testing were contacted by 11Alive, but neither could provide any new information.


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