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Beginning on Wednesday Will Be the Second Half of A Black Bear Hunt in New Jersey

The black bear hunt in New Jersey has been extended for four extra days, beginning on Wednesday. Nearly one hundred bears were killed in the first, abbreviated hunt last week, so a second one is now underway. State wildlife officials’ expectations were not met.

In the first phase of the hunt, which concluded over the weekend, 93 bears were culled, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Second leg of New Jersey black bear hunt to begin Wednesday

An official from the DEP issued the following statement: “There are a number of variables, including the weather, that can affect crop yields.
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Not to mention, the legal challenge to the hunt cut the first part of the season short by more than a day and a half.”

The total number of bears killed is irrelevant to the decision of whether or not to continue the hunt. The number of tagged bears killed is what counts instead. To thin the herd, that estimate is utilised to get a ballpark figure for the total bear population in the state.

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The criteria for whether or not to continue the search are established by the DEP. Of the 93 bears that were killed, 11 were tagged. The target was 20%, so this is well below that.

Last week on the opening day of the hunt, officials cited another reason why there may be a less number of bears killed: deer.

Second leg of New Jersey black bear hunt to begin Wednesday

Because it was and is the first day of deer season, many people have been seen and activities have been reported in the woods since Monday. David Golden, then-assistant director of New Jersey Fish and Nature, remarked that “wildlife grows naturally apprehensive of humans because there is just so much activity.”

It is mandatory, according to Golden, to eat the bear’s meat. Bears are a popular target for hunters, and some of them even have them stuffed and mounted as trophies.

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Some people can successfully mount it entirely. Golden predicted that “some will get it partially mounted.” They treat the animal with great care and put it to maximum use.

According to DEP rules, a hunter must either present the bear’s flesh or documentation of its whereabouts within 48 hours following the hunt.


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