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“We Were Barely Holding On.” a Group of Men Who Were at Sea for 10 Days Share Their Stories

After going missing for several days, two men who were trying to sail from New Jersey to Florida have been reunited with their loved ones.
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After 10 days of being missing, Joe DiTomasso, 76, and Kevin Hyde, 65, were thought to be gone for good by their loved ones.

‘We were just hanging on.’ Men lost at sea for 10 days describe their experience

The two embarked from Cape May with the goal of reaching Marathon, Florida. The Atrevida II, a vessel belonging to the United States Coast Guard, reportedly lost power and gasoline. Eventually, the boat was located Tuesday afternoon, almost 200 miles east of Delaware.

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For the most part, we were holding on by a thread. [The team] spotted us and came to take us up. “Like looking for a needle in a haystack; the waves were greater than my boat, and the wind was fierce,” recalls Hyde, the boat’s owner.

‘We were just hanging on.’ Men lost at sea for 10 days describe their experience

“Before I started my day, I would kiss this necklace and recite the “Our Father.” DiTomasso warns, “If nobody believes in God, that’s a problem.”

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With them was the couple’s dog, Minnie. After being rescued, they were taken aboard a ship to undergo further medical examination by Coast Guard personnel. The men’s health appeared to be unaffected by their extended time at sea.


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