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Percy Jackson Casting Announcement: Percy Jackson and The Olympians on Disney+ Everything You Need to Know About the Casting Call!

The Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, based on Rick Riordan’s enormously famous Percy Jackson novels, has five new cast members. Sally Jackson, Chiron, Dionysus, Mrs. Dodds, and Smelly Gabe’s actors have been announced. The announcement was made on June 2, the first day of production on the show’s debut episode.

Middle schoolers will identify with Percy Jackson, the 12-year-old who discovers he is descended from a Greek god in this five-book series. With his newfound powers, he finds himself at an all-demigod summer camp where he may learn all that he can from fellow demigods. For this reason, Percy and his pals take to the skies to track down the genuine thief of Zeus’ lightning bolt and prevent all-out gods-versus-gods warfare.

In addition to the actors who will portray Chiron, everyone’s favorite centaur, and Percy’s mother Sally Jackson, five other cast members were confirmed on Thursday, June 2, the day of filming the pilot episode. The new cast members were announced on Riordan’s website in a blog post. Excitement has reached the point where you can cut it with a celestial bronze ballpoint pen, he wrote.

The Lightning Thief and Its Sequel Percy Jackson:

When Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief and its sequel Percy Jackson:


Sea of Monsters was released over a decade ago, they performed well at the box office but were widely panned by critics and Riordan himself, who said he refused to watch the films because “his life’s work was going through the meat grinder.” However, Riordan is very involved in the new series, which he says will be a more authentic adaptation, and he routinely updates his website with hopeful news.

Including the newest cast members joining the program, here’s all we know about Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+.
Sally Jackson: That’s a good question. Sally Jackson, the mother of Percy Jackson, will be played by Virginia Kull. Boardwalk Empire and Big Little Lies are among her prior roles. Sally Jackson needs someone with “strength, humor, and compassion,” Riordan wrote in the casting statement, adding that her performance in the table read for episode 101 “brought us to tears.”

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Including the New Cast Members.

Glynn Turman portrays Percy’s centaur tutor, Mr. Brunner, who disguises himself as one of Percy’s professors to begin the tale.

percy jackson casting announcement

The Wire, House of Lies, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom are among Turman’s many famous roles. Since 1992, Camp Gid D Up in Southern California has been teaching inner-city and at-risk youngsters the art of horsemanship at a working ranch to Glynn, a champion rodeo cowboy. This means that he is the ideal model for Camp Half-eternal Blood’s centaur trainer, Chiron.

One of the Furies who stalks and torments Percy is Mrs. Dodds, and Megan Mullally has been cast in the role of Alecto. Her masquerade as an Algebra instructor at Percy’s school is the first thing we see of her when we meet her. Mullally has previously appeared in shows like Will & Grace, Bob’s Burgers, and Parks and Recreation, to name just a few.

Jason Mantzoukas will portray Dionysus, the director of Camp Half-Blood, and the deity of alcohol. Actor Mantzoukas is best known for his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place. Dionysus, the gruff wine god and king of camp, is a natural fit for Jason, a self-described “100 percent Greek.”

The 20th Century Fox Film Percy Jackson.

Timm Sharp has been cast as Percy’s nasty stepfather, according to Gabe Ugliano


“The odorous Gabe “Enlightened and Six Feet Under are just two of Sharp’s many notable roles. Timm had us laughing out loud with his take on Gabe Ugliano, and we can’t wait to watch him play stepdad to Walker Scobell’s Percy Jackson,” Riordan wrote in his letter to fans. Casting Prior to This

It’s a departure from the 20th Century Fox film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and its sequel to cast performers in the same age range as those depicted in the original book, roughly 12 years old, for the new Disney+ Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. It was 2010 and Logan Lerman was 18, Alexandra Daddario, 24, and Brandon T. Jackson, 26 when the first film came out, so they were all rather young.

Rick Riordan noted in a blog post announcing a preliminary casting call in April 2021 that “the idea is to keep loyal to the original plot and have Percy’s character age from 12 to 16 throughout the course of the TV series, provided of course we are lucky enough to make all five seasons.”

Castings from The Past.

When It Came to Casting the New Disney+ Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series, the Goal Was to Use Performers About the Same Age as Those in The Original Percy Jackson Book, the Lightning Thief, and Its Sequel, Which Were Produced by 20th Century Fox.

(in 2010, Logan Lerman Was 18, Alexandra Daddario Was 24, and Brandon T. Jackson Was 26 when The First Film Was Released.) It’s an Aim of The Tv Series to Keep Faithful to The Original Story and Have Percy’s Character Grow from 12 to 16 Years Old, if The Show Is Successful, Author Rick Riordan Stated in A Blog Post Announcing the Preliminary Casting Call in April 2021.

Gi Fs and Fan Art Celebrating the Casting Announcement for The Show’s Three Young Protagonists Were Shared Widely by Fans on Social Media. There Was, However, a Vocal Minority Who Objected to Jeffries’ Casting as Annabeth Chase, a Character Identified in The Novels as White, and Attacked the Young Actress on Tik Tok, Culminating in The Suspension of Her Account.

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What Is the Statement?

In a statement on Tuesday, May 10, Rick Riordan Slammed the Response and Praised the Actress as “ideal” for The Part.


“if You Have an Issue with This Casting, Please Contact Me,” Riordan Stated on His Website. Because No One Else Is At-Fault… Cyberbullying and Harassment of Children Should Be Universally Condemned.”

Then He Said, ” “when I Claim that These Actors Are Perfect for These Roles Because of Their Talent and The Way They Used Their Auditions to Extend and Improve on The Lines They Were Given, You Don’t Believe Me. I’m the One Who Wrote the Novels and Created These Characters. if You Give Leah a Chance to Be Annabeth, She Will Become Exactly What You Hope She Would Be.

However, You Refuse to Believe This May Be the Case. You’re Making a Decision About Her Suitability for This Role-Based Purely on The Way, She Appears. Her Character Is Portrayed in The Literature as White, yet She Is Playing a Black Woman. Racism, My Friends, Is at The Root of It.”


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