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Possible Changes to New Jersey’s Prohibition on Single-Use Plastic Bags Are in The Works

When it comes to internet delivery, lawmakers are thinking about changing the law to allow paper bags.

With regard to third-party deliveries, Senator Bob Smith has submitted a new measure that would change the law, focusing on choices for online grocery orders, such as using cardboard boxes or bringing back paper bags. Senator Smith was a sponsor of the bag ban legislation.

Given their negative effects on the environment, there is no talk of bringing back paper bags at large food stores.

“Unbelievably, the success. We genuinely prevent millions of dollars’ worth of waste, including 600 million single-use plastic bags and 14 million paper bags from entering the environment, each month “Smith uttered.

According to Smith, He Wants to Alter S-3114 with Four Changes

Possible Changes to New Jersey’s Prohibition on Single-Use Plastic Bags Are in The Works


According to Smith, the changes are meant to provide consumers new options. “Any of these third-party delivery providers and the clients will choose the first alternative after consulting with each other. As well as having the right to request that the baggage be returned. And after that, the third-party delivery provider ought to either reuse, recycle or give it to a food bank.”

According to Smith’s second option, “Allow the third-party delivery service to deliver in paper bags. Surprisingly, despite the fact that this accounts for only 2% of supermarket deliveries in New Jersey, there has been strong opposition, with many people arguing that we no longer need bags. Not again with the bags, please.”

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“Costco Model” Is the Third Option

“As is customary at Costco, you use one of their empty boxes rather than purchasing a container to transport your purchases home. You are recycling, in truth “Smith uttered.

He stated the following for option four: “Milk, cream, and butter used to be delivered to your back porch by the milkman under our previous system. The customers might choose to receive their groceries without any container at all if they didn’t want to use the small container that he had with some insulation. Just place everything into the container, the delivery person would do.”

Smith claimed that other senators wanted to bring up some more issues after the bill’s updated provisions were placed on the Senate agenda last week. In order to be considered by the New Jersey General Assembly, Smith said the altered bill would first need to pass the Senate.

According to Smith, if the delivery businesses and grocery shops can sort things out amicably, legislation may not be necessary. The governor’s office and the DEP stated they may want to give the law more time to sort out some of these difficulties even though it has only been in place for roughly six months, according to him. Waiting another six months to give the law a year may therefore be worthwhile.

By the end of the year, Smith says, it’s feasible that the law will be changed. The DEP and the governor’s office must both approve for it to go through.

He also said it’s likely that other changes might be made before the updated bill is sent to the New Jersey General Assembly.

You must purchase or carry your own reusable bag to Rastelli Market Fresh in Marlton if you plan to shop there. All of your groceries are delivered in a reusable bag if you order them online.

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“We are providing bags to customers who are genuinely shopping at home but are unable to bring their own bags with them. Thus, all that is required of us is to just address that section, which will, in my opinion, significantly reduce the tension felt by many consumers “Rastelli Market Fresh’s director of operations, Chris Mentzer, stated.

Possible Changes to New Jersey’s Prohibition on Single-Use Plastic Bags Are in The Works


With the passage of the proposed legislation, larger grocery stores like Rastelli Market Fresh might once again offer paper bags for online purchases.

“The fact that consumers who don’t truly need the bags they already have at home are receiving a lot of reusable bags is a minor glitch in the system. They also consistently receive the same number of bags each time they order, even if they place two or three orders each day, “Mentzer stated.

As a result of seeing reusable bags accumulate in people’s homes, a food delivery man claimed he supports bringing back paper bags.

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Since they do it frequently, they have a stockpile of hundreds of them at home, but because there is currently no method for us to take them back, they are simply losing their money, according to meal delivery driver Joseph Eisenbaugh.


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