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HomenewsA Book Vending Machine at A Nj School Rewards Good Deeds

A Book Vending Machine at A Nj School Rewards Good Deeds

As the number of homework piles up and the pressure to perform well on upcoming exams increases, school can become a particularly trying environment for many students around the winter holidays.

Norwood’s public school has developed the best strategy yet to ensure that kindness is maintained even on the busiest of days.

NJ school’s book vending machine rewards kids for kindness

The PTO at Norwood Elementary School donated a one-of-a-kind book vending machine stocked with bright, interesting titles that children can enter to win.

It’s part of a campaign called “Caught Being Kind,” which aims to reward children for acts of kindness with a gold coin redeemable at a vending machine.

Instead than receiving a small bag of sweets as a reward for kindness, why not use that time to read one of the more than 300 volumes available in the vending machine?

The opportunity to choose a new enjoyable book has been inspiring kids to maintain their kindness, especially among the elementary school students who are yet newer readers.

Students who are caught performing acts of kindness are often acknowledged in an announcement over the loudspeaker.

Since most of the time kids only hear their names announced over the PA system when they’re in trouble, this also helps change the negative connotation that people have about these announcements. (I’m sure we all remember hearing the name of a friend or foe called out in class when they got in trouble… or maybe that was you?)

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The school plans to honour 250 pupils this year, of whom more than 100 have already been acknowledged and given the opportunity to select a book.

NJ school’s book vending machine rewards kids for kindness

The vending machine has made school more exciting than ever, as students are now actively considering new and creative ways to be helpful and stand out from the crowd. The views expressed above are those of Judi Franco, host of a talk show on New Jersey 101.5.

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