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Is It Not Obvious to You? In Nj, Rudeness is on the Rise.

If it seems to you like rude behavior is on the upswing in New Jersey, you’re right.

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According to a new study published in the Harvard Business Review, frontline workers in the fields of healthcare, retail, transportation, and education have been experiencing an uptick in incivility, shouting, and rudeness over the past several years.

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According to Victor Thompson, the chairman of the Rider University Sociology Department, we definitely appear to be hearing about increasing cases of people acting out, insulting, and yelling.

COVID Isolation

Thompson suggested that political division and the seclusion of the COVID virus could be to blame “things that tend to set the stage for high levels of stress and worry.

Anxiety and stress are two of the main causes of rudeness and even violence.
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“The more isolated people are the less linked they are to their social networks that actually provide a sense of support, emotional and social support that we just weren’t getting over the last several years,” he said.
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“The No. 1 predictor of mental well-being and mental health is actually social networks and social connections, and if you don’t have them, as many people haven’t over the previous few years, I can see a genuine drop in mental health and social well-being.”

The Hardship Of Inflation

He added many people have also been coping with “the kind of anxieties involved with being able to pay the bills.”

The tougher it is “to make ends meet, obviously the more stress involved with basic day-to-day existence, it causes hot times and uncomfortable moments,” he said.

He pointed out that it is tricky to assess unpleasant behavior because of the subjectivity involved, even though multiple indicators imply disrespectful behavior is on the rise. What one person finds rude, another may find innocuous.

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Thompson noted that many individuals are experiencing stress of many kinds, and that knowing one is not alone in addressing one’s issues can be a great relief.

The incivility study, based on a poll of how 2,000 people experienced rudeness revealed 3 out of 4 respondents reported dealing with incivility at least once a month, 70% stated they observed this conduct at work at least 2 or 3 times a month and 73% reported it is not unusual for customers to behave badly.


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