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Outlander Season 7 Release Date: Is It Not Going to Happen in September 2022?

This year’s premiere of Outlander season 6 marked the conclusion of the show’s two-year hiatus (or “Droughtlander” as fans affectionately dubbed it). Last time, the main protagonists of the Starz historical drama based on the ongoing novel series by Diana Gabaldon were in grave danger: Unjustly accused of using witchcraft to murder Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is incarcerated. Audiences were left speculating about whether she would be executed for the murder as Jamie (Sam Heughan) raced to find her.

Fans are anxiously anticipating the next “mega-sized” season of Outlander now that season 6 is complete, especially with the gold nuggets of season 7 filming sneak peeks. Continue reading to learn everything we know about the Outlander season 7 release date, spoilers, actors, production locations, and more. There is still so much untold for the Sassenach and the Highlander.

Will There Be an Outlander Season 7?

Aye! Fans will be pleased to learn that the book’s second chapter is coming soon. For filming, Outlander will return to Scotland’s breathtaking countryside. In March 2021, Starz formally announced that Outlander would return for a second season.

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Soon after that, in early April, Sam Heughan tweeted cast images for season 7, indicating that Outlander was now in production. “Wait!!! Is that season 7 of @Outlander STARZ? yazzz, “He tweeted while being supported by Richard Rankin, Catriona, and Sophie.

Outlander Season 7 Release Date: When It is Coming Out?

It’s too soon to start counting down, but according to Deadline, the first episode of Outlander season 7 might air as soon as “late 2022/early 2023.” However, Maril Davis, the executive producer, stated in May that she was unaware of the Outlander season 7 premiere date.

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She told Digital Spy, “I haven’t been told when we will be airing season seven; all I know is that we are starting to shoot it right now, and that’s all I can tell.” “I believe we are following a very conventional routine, but this season is huge.”

Although the Outlander season 7 teaser has not yet been released, STARZ released a behind-the-scenes peek at the filming of the series last month on YouTube. The actors used the occasion of World Outlander Day to express their joy and appreciation to the audience. Sophie Skelton said, “We are here working hard for you on what is, I think, my favorite season yet.” “I fully agree,” Richard Rankin added.

Outlander Season 7: is This the Final Season of Outlander?

Caitriona recently admitted to Vanity Fair that she is unsure of when the series would conclude but that she may see it as a full circle moment because at least two more volumes need to be adapted.

By the end of that, we will have reached the almost 10-year milestone, which feels like a wonderful time frame, but we don’t know, “She spoke to the source. “Those choices are beyond out of my pay range.

At least we can anticipate a very busy season!

Outlander Season 7 Cast: Who Will Appear in Season 7?

We’re sure to meet a tonne of new cast members as Jamie and Claire’s story progresses during the Revolutionary War and they come into contact with historical figures like Benedict Arnold and Benjamin Franklin. The primary cast will return to their roles, but the official lineup hasn’t been released yet.

With the addition of Joey Phillips as Dr. Denzell Hunter and Izzy Meikle-Small as Rachel Hunter, a sibling duo will debut in the upcoming season. The two appeared in full colonial attire in a recent clip that was uploaded to Outlander’s YouTube channel in August (bonnet, included).

Because he thinks that freedom is a gift from God, Denzell has a strong desire to enlist in the Continental Army and work as a surgeon, Joey revealed his part. “So that begins their voyage, and Rachel travels with me,” I said. Izzy continues by saying that her character has no choice but to follow. But she’s a little more conflicted, the actress said. She simply needs to leave.


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Yes, readers who are avid readers will recognize a well-known figure who has returned. Charles Vandervaart will portray William Ransom, Jamie’s hidden son, according to the official Outlander Instagram. Do you recall him from Season 4? William, who was only a boy at the time, is now an adult and finds himself in Wilmington, where he joins the British Army to put an end to the turmoil in the American colonies.

Outlander Season 7: Can I Access the Seventh Season on Netflix?

There are numerous ways to appreciate Outlander. The first five seasons are streamable for Netflix subscribers. Although the release dates for seasons 6 and 7 are uncertain, premium subscriptions to Hulu, Sling TV, Philo, and YouTube TV allow anyone to watch the program.

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The cable network Starz, which you can add to your existing TV package for $10 a month, offers access to all episodes. Once you’ve registered, you can watch previous episodes that you may have missed.

Starz is available for a free 7-day trial to Amazon Prime Video subscribers, after which it will cost $8.99 per month. Or you can pay $2.99 for a single episode. You can buy the Outlander seasons on Google Play, Vudu, YouTube, and Apple.


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