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HomenewsNj Making a Statement of Faith Through Fashion

Nj Making a Statement of Faith Through Fashion

To wit: LIVINGSTON, NJ (PIX11) The clothing company God is Great Apparel launched in 2016 and has been operating online since October 2017.
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A religiously motivated business with the mission of reminding people that they are living proof that God is Great and inspiring them to keep going despite the odds.

As far back as she can remember, Lunic Adisson Boyd has been obsessed with clothes. That’s why she puts so much heart and soul into her God is Great shop in the Livingston Mall.

NJ business woman Spreading faith through fashion

“I used to go shopping for clothes, then snip them apart and pin them back together. While Adisson-Boyd admits she has never learned how to sew, she has always had a desire to be creative.

She had saved up $48 in dimes and put them in a 2-liter Pepsi bottle in the hopes of one day starting a business, but after eight failed efforts and twenty-three jobs, she decided to take a chance and invest the money.

Adisson-Boyd said, “We started the business in 2016 out of the trunk of my car. I started selling scarves. With the proceeds, I ventured into the coffee cup market.”

She put her motto, “God is Great, I am living proof,” on goods and a few t-shirts, and soon she was fulfilling orders from all over the world.

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She had been battling drug addiction for a long time until she finally had enough and received the inspiration for God is Great.

One of my earliest memories is of racing up some steps in Newark (New Jersey) on my way to church. I got out of my car, but kept it running, and went on my knees, begging God to take the bad taste out of my mouth. I told him that if he did, I would praise him forever. After that, I just kept doing it,” Adisson-Boyd remarked.

She finally gave in to the Livingston shopping center’s irresistible offer in the month of November 2020.

By having faith in the method, she was able to establish herself as one of the first black women with a mall store and a spiritually-oriented label.

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I panicked and guessed that the size of the house was 5 000 square feet. What should I sell to attract customers to my shop? “I don’t have that much stuff,” Addison-Boyd stated.

She is particularly ecstatic about the store’s new kid’s clothes section, but she is also happy about the expansion to include accessories and other apparel.
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NJ business woman Spreading faith through fashion

Adisson-Boyd explained her motivation for the project: “I believe our children should be clothed, thus this was essential to me; also, I want everyone to know we are all God’s children.”

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She acknowledges that some customers may feel uneasy with the brand’s messaging, but insists that anyone is welcome in her shop. She want for each customer to walk out of the shop feeling renewed faith, meaning, and love.

“I know there are a lot of people out there who would like to launch their own clothing line, publish a book, launch a physical store, or create an internet business. Adisson-Boyd remarked, “I say do it, do it now because there’s a purpose tied to that.”


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