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HomenewsNew York State to Implement Complete Smoking Ban?

New York State to Implement Complete Smoking Ban?

In New York, the impending legislation that will alter the way we heat our homes and businesses is the topic of conversation amongst nearly everyone.

It is projected that enforcement of the legislation will begin in 2025, assuming they are approved by the governor.
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This implies the time is ticking for you to prepare for the changeover to entirely electric.

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No fossil fuel (gas) powered or heated equipment can be installed in newly constructed buildings. Most are stating that electric electricity is a less efficient way to heat. However, this will not prevent the passing of these laws.

Many are concerned about the feasibility and cost of enforcing this regulation, and they express their displeasure with it. How much money will be lost by companies, and will Replacement York cover the cost of new appliances for residents?

The other important query is, “What about cigarettes?

” In the state of New York alone, millions of individuals are smokers.
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Let’s take New York City as an example… how many people do you think smoke there?

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Doesn’t that make a difference at all? The real number is much higher: New York State collects MILLIONS of dollars in taxes on the sale of cigarettes every year. A total smoking ban has never been seriously discussed, despite the fact that smoking has negative effects on both smokers and the environment.


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