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Federal Emergency Snap Allocations Are About to Run Out: the Ramifications of This for Those Living in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — Officials said on Thursday that citizens of New Jersey who are registered in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program may soon witness a change in their benefits due to the fact that emergency federal allotments will run out in the month of February.

Sarah Adelman, the Commissioner of Human Services, stated that SNAP households received an increased amount of monthly food assistance all throughout the COVID pandemic.
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Every enrolled household in the state of New Jersey will start receiving solely their normal SNAP benefits in the month of March.

In June, Governor Phil Murphy signed a piece of legislation that increased the minimum SNAP payout to at least $50 per month. According to the government, New Jersey is the first state to establish a minimum benefit.

“We anticipated that the additional SNAP benefits were only going to be available for a short period of time,” Adelman said, “but we also appreciate the impact this would have on New Jerseyans who have benefited from more assistance over the past three years.
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Before going to the grocery store, I strongly recommend that SNAP households verify their benefits to ensure that they have enough money to cover their purchases.

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The federal government sets the minimum monthly SNAP benefit at $23. Starting in the month of March, any household in the state that has been approved for less than $50 in SNAP benefits will get their normal aid as well as a supplement from the state in accordance with New Jersey’s $50 minimum requirement.


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