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HomenewsLegislators in New Jersey Approve Concealed-Carry Legislation Following a Court

Legislators in New Jersey Approve Concealed-Carry Legislation Following a Court

On Monday, lawmakers in New Jersey gave final approval to a bill that would reform the state’s weapon carry permit process in the wake of the summer’s landmark Supreme Court decision expanding Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

In what is expected to be the final legislative session of the year, the Democratic-controlled Senate approved the package and sent it to Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. He had stated his intent to sign it into law.

New Jersey lawmakers pass gun carry legislation after ruling

Both Republicans and proponents of Second Amendment rights voiced concerns about the measure’s legality.

During a debate on the Senate floor, Republican state Sen. Ed Durr remarked, “The 2nd Amendment cannot be overlooked because New Jersey’s majority party does not like it.” On Monday, no Democrats spoke in favor of the proposal, despite their earlier statements that they view it as constitutional.

New Jersey’s current concealed carry permit applicants must demonstrate “justifiable need” and “good character,” but this bill would eliminate these prerequisites “because of the Supreme Court’s decision in June.

Disqualifications for those who have been institutionalized due to mental health issues, those who have been the subject of restraining orders, and any “fugitive from justice” are among the other revisions made to the law.

Applicants formerly had to submit four sets of documentation in order to be registered, but this new law will do away with that need. In addition, it would set up a platform for selling firearms online, which does not presently exist.

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The previous minimum number of recommendations from non-family members needed to obtain a permit has been raised from three to four. Law enforcement officials would need to conduct an interview with them as well.

The proposal also expands the necessary training and mandates that it be completed through the internet, in a classroom setting, and with a shooting target. Permit carriers would also be required to have liability coverage.

New Jersey lawmakers pass gun carry legislation after ruling

Carrying concealed weapons is prohibited in many public areas such as government offices, schools, polling sites, daycare centers, publicly owned parks and beaches, and even some pubs and nightclubs.

Buying and carrying weapons in the state of New Jersey calls for separate permits. The legislation would increase the cost of handgun purchase permits from $2 to $25. A $5 minimum and a $50 maximum apply to all other types of guns.

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Permit fees for carriers are set to increase to $200 under the new legislation. New applications cost $50. The state’s office for crime victims’ compensation would receive $3,000, while municipalities may keep $150 to cover administrative expenses.

On Monday, Scott Bach, president of the New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, said the law would “go down in flames.
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” “also amounted to giving the “huge middle finger” to the Supreme Court.


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