Wednesday, June 12, 2024
HomenewsWind Advisory: Strong Gusts of Wind and Heavy Rain Might Make Vacation...

Wind Advisory: Strong Gusts of Wind and Heavy Rain Might Make Vacation Travel Dangerous This Week

The Storm Watch Team at News 12 New Jersey is keeping tabs on a storm system that could affect Christmas travel with its heavy rain and high winds.

Dave Curren, the meteorologist for the Storm Watch Team, says the storm is likely to hit on Friday and linger through Saturday.
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Next week, we may expect temperatures to approach 60 degrees on Friday. Heavy precipitation and wind gusts of up to 50 mph are expected for Friday.

Friday night’s low will be in the upper 20s, and Saturday morning’s high will be around 30. In the event that rainwater is left on the ground, it will freeze and create a hazardous icy environment.

OVERNIGHT: Lows of around 30 degrees and partly overcast sky.

Tuesday will see mostly bright skies. The forecast calls for highs in the low 40s during the day. Around 26 degrees Fahrenheit is the average overnight low.

Weather-wise, Wednesday is looking very good. Temperatures will peak in the low 40s during the day. Temperatures fall to roughly 25 degrees at night.

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Expect overcast conditions on Thursday. Temperatures will peak at 48 degrees during the day. Temperatures drop to roughly 29 degrees at night.

Rain and gusty winds are forecast for Friday. Temperatures will peak at 57 degrees during the day. Expect lows around 45 degrees tonight.

CHRISTMAS EVE: Mostly overcast skies and a low of 29 degrees. Temperatures drop to roughly 19 degrees Fahrenheit at night.
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The Christmas Day sky will be partly cloudy with occasional sunshine. Temperatures for the day will average around 28. Lows of roughly 16 degrees are expected tonight.


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