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In New Jersey, This is the Annual Income Threshold for What is Considered Middle Class.

It stands to reason that if you can succeed here, you can succeed anywhere. New Jersey has many wonderful features, but navigating the state can be challenging.
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In particular, we face financial difficulties that many other Americans do not. You and your family might not even be able to be considered middle class at this point.

Also, we can picture what it would be like to be poor, and we each have our own idea of what would make someone wealthy.
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In the midst, what about it? Many of us have falsely assumed that we belong there.

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First off, let me emphasize that while you might be a Rockefeller in Mississippi, you’re riding the struggle bus in the Northeast. Let’s see where you stack up in terms of New Jersey norms.

The American Community Survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau provides some updated criteria for class identification.

Cohabiting Couple/two-person Household

Income requirements for a two-earner household (married couple without children) are between $57,000 and $169,000.

Household of Three


Four-person Household


In New Jersey, the price of an average house begins at $500,000.

My weekly grocery bill for my family of five is at least $400, and it seems like everything has gone up in price. You have found your niche.

Do the new ranges fall within your expectations, or are they outside of them?

Those are some of the finest communities in which one might invest one’s resources in New Jersey.


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