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Drag Den Episode 2 Release Date: Is It Based on Real Movement?

The second season of Drag Show is almost ready for broadcast. As the title suggests, the show sheds light on a drag competition. It was first created as a reality competition show in the Philippines.

The initiative and its single sponsor, Amazon Prime Video, were both conceived and implemented by the company.

During an interview, Manila Luzon, the Philippines’ most famous drag queen, remarked that the concept of Drag is either nonexistent or not developed enough in the nation.

Manila made the right call when it decided to create a venue for the world’s stunning beauty queens.

She expressed her desire for the talent of her country to be showcased on international television, and for the world to witness the beauty of these queens and fall in love with their unique sense of style.

Earlier, before the show had even premiered, Manila had likened the series’ unfolding events to a pageant.

About the Philippines’s Own Drag Den

In 2021, Amazon Prime Video began developing this series. When Manila announced in a teaser that she will be judging and hosting a show for drag queens, everyone got quite enthusiastic.

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Manila was overjoyed that this program would provide a stage for other aspiring drag queens in the country, just as RuPaul had done for her. You should all know by now that this show is connected to either RuPaul or her drag competition.

A year ago, she held a casting call on Luzon’s TikTok, inviting queens from all over the country to showcase their talents and audition for a chance to continue on TV.

A little touch of shadiness, though, did enter into this. Almost immediately after Manila’s casting call, we saw RuPaul also put out a call for contestants to appear on Drag Race Philippines.

Drag Den Episode 2 Release Date

Many spectators had some notion of what was at stake in the game. Jiggly Caliente, who had been posing as a judge, discussed the incident afterward in the press.

She assured me that RuPaul and Manila are not rivals because they are aware of each other’s shows and respect their significance.

In Review: Season 1, Episode 1 of Drag Dena

Due to an apparent hiatus, it was no easy task to get the entire show online. Later, after a lengthy period of time during which it did not release, soon enough, the producers on TikTok shared the glad news, and well, here we are waiting for another episode of the season.

Just last month in November, a teaser was released showing Manila Luzon sitting on a throne in a shadowy area.

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A day later, without giving away the movie’s premiere date, the sneaker discussed every finalist who will be followed on film in the Drag Den. A total of eight hopefuls were scheduled to take part in the runway show.

Catriona Gray was a guest judge on the premiere episode of the inaugural season. In the drag world, she’s infamous as the Drag Enforcer. Since the drug cartel is a clandestine organization, these queens are taking a big risk by joining it.

Drag Den Episode 2 Release Date

Nicole Cordoves, introducing herself as the Drag Dealer, gives everyone a warm welcome. In the episode’s latter half, we talked to Sassa Gurl, the new Drag Runner.

Drag Den Episode 2 Release Date

The 15th of December in 2022 is the scheduled release date for Drag Den Episode 2. The title of this episode is “Drag Trippin.” It is going to be removed from Amazon Prime Video. On Thursdays of every week, this website will be updated with new episodes.

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A monthly subscription to the platform can be purchased by fans for the low price of just $8.99. Even though this version does not display any advertisements, the premium plan includes a subscription to Amazon Prime.

The Prime plan has a monthly fee of 13.99 dollars, which comes to a total of 139 dollars per year.


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