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According to the Study, New Jersey Has the Weakest Economy in the Country.

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey has the worst fiscal health of any of the 50 U.S. states, according to a survey from the University of Denver. In terms of popularity, New Jersey is last.

This is the university’s thirteenth “Truth in Accounting” report, and it was compiled by a group that takes no political stance.

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Reports from the government tend to be long and confusing. It was said by the University that “we believe taxpayers and citizens deserve easy-to-understand, truthful, and transparent financial information from their governments” under the Truth in Accounting (TIA) banner.
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According to the survey, New Jersey is the worst state for sinkholes, with a tax burden of ,500 per resident.
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Previously ranked at number 49, New Jersey has now passed Connecticut to become the worst state in the US.

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In the fiscal year 2021, New Jersey dropped from 49th to last place, and it remained one of the bottom five Sinkhole States for the thirteenth year running. Only New Jersey saw an improvement in its fiscal situation.

Over $12.5 billion more was required to meet rising expenditures, the report indicated of the state.

The state of Extra Jersey took new pension responsibilities from local governments, which led to a rise in the state’s share of the Net Pension Liability despite the state’s pension plan assets experiencing considerable, short-term improvements in value.

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This results in an average Taxpayer BurdenTM for New Jersey residents of $58,700, ranking the Garden State dead last among the states when it comes to their financial health in 2022.

Summarized below are the findings of the report:

  • $43.4 billion was available in New Jersey to cover $241.1 billion in debts.
  • A total of $197.7 billion was lost, or $58,700 for every citizen.
  • The state of New Jersey’s finances seemed to worsen in 2021. As federal support for Covid declines and the value of retirement system assets falls, the program’s standing is anticipated to worsen.
  • The report’s grade for the state of New Jersey was a dismal F.

The state of New Jersey’s finances were graded an F because each taxpayer there would need to contribute $58,700 to cover the state’s obligations.

Any government with a Taxpayer Burden over $20,000 is given an F on the Truth in Accounting scale, as stated in the report.

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