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No One, Not Even New Jersey Government Employees, Should Be Denied Their Right to Privacy. | Letters

“Public officials having private addresses?

It may be the law,” concerning anticipated state legislation to remove legislators’ home addresses from state records:

Are only public officials—those who “serve” us—deserving of privacy? Why not us?

Shouldn’t we be able to keep every Tom, Dick, and Harry from knowing where we live, what we do, and who we know?
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Shouldn’t we be able to stop unethical firms from selling this information to other companies, individuals, governmental institutions, debt collectors, scammers, and law enforcement agencies without our consent?

Your data is private. Trenton politicians should pass strong privacy rules like those of the European Union to safeguard all New Jerseyans, not just themselves.

Any politician who is so afraid of their constituents that they think they need special protections should resign and find a hut in the woods to hide in.

Gun Day is Wrong.

Morris County Republican Assemblyman Brian Bergen attended a Second Amendment “meet and greet” at Guns for Hire in Woodland Park on Dec. 14. The 10-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook School shooting in Connecticut that killed 20 first graders and six adults.

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In 2012, the assailant killed his mother and himself. His mother’s AR-15. Like many parents, I bring my kids to school each day praying they will be safe from gun violence. Prayers are insufficient. Gun control must be pursued.

Even in New Jersey, an elected politician celebrating weapons on the anniversary of a child mass murder is problematic.

According to the New York Times, guns kill more American children than in any other country. Guns may be the cause.

Please join Moms Demand Action and March for Our Lives to help keep children safer, and call Bergen at his office to gently express your opinion of his decision to hold an event at a gun range on that awful occasion.

Beware—tech Will Ruin Us.

“I know we’ve come far.

We change daily.

“Where do kids play?”

Yusef/Cat Stevens’ 1970 lines about air pollution, while accurate, have a double meaning now.

Most kids play computer games instead of stickball, kickball, bike riding, jump rope, hopscotch, and hide-and-seek, gaining weight, avoiding sunlight, and reducing vitamin D consumption.

Cell phones with video games and real-time information have become artificial appendages for children and adults. Misinformation from such technologies polarises society on social media. Scurrilous rumor traumatizes teens, with less severe consequences.

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Tech companies and addiction gurus profit from their international plans. We may evolve into beings with huge thumbs and diminished brains.

Many things have pros and cons. It’s hard to distinguish the good, bad, and ugly.
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Unless we learn to distinguish the wheat from the chaff and overcome their compulsive tendency, electronic bogeymen camouflaged as entertaining communicators could destroy humanity. We must rule them.

Today’s Weak?

Susan Waldman’s eloquent and passionate letter, “Guidance to kids encourages the haters,” in reaction to a story about 14-year-old Shiv Kulkarni’s suicide, made me think about a recent email from a beloved friend.

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He wrote about New Jersey’s homeless LGBTQ teens.

Christians prepare for the fragile birth of God throughout Advent.

Today’s vulnerable and marginalized?

“Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus,” my buddy wrote in his email.


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