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Is It Against the Law in New Jersey to Leave Your Dog Outside in the Winter?

The winter season has finally arrived! Dogs, however, must go outside to do their business, rain or shine. The question is, how long can you leave them outside in such perilous conditions?

Is it against the law to leave a dog, or any animal, outside for a lengthy period of time in such weather?

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What you’re probably thinking is: “You’re going to let your dogs out in the cold? This is, of course, against the law.
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The same way I feel. Unfortunately, as I learned from a buddy who has lived in the South for the past three years, this is not an isolated incident.

It is not uncommon for dogs to be left outside in the sweltering heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter for long periods of time, and no one seems to bat an eye or give it any thought. Also, tales of animals abandoned in harsh weather are not always taken seriously.

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A buddy of mine recently told me that his neighbor had left their dog outside and planned to leave her there in 30-degree weather all night since the dog had messed up the Christmas tree. This really pisses me off.

I had to verify this after hearing it; is it against the law to keep a dog outside during the winter?

Happily, the solution is affirmative. Getting caught doing this in New Jersey could result in serious consequences. That covers household pets as well!

Penalties for violators include monetary fines, jail time, mandatory community service, restitution payments, and even the confiscation of the offender’s animal. Cruel confinement and restraint of animals are also against the law.

Your dog will feel the same chill that you do. They have an equal need for security and comfort in their own dwelling as you do.
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Don’t hesitate to contact the authorities if you notice an animal being abandoned in extremely cold or hot weather.


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