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New Jersey Has a Fine of $200 for Using a Navigation App While Driving.

New Jersey’s anti-texting while driving rules now have a clearer definition thanks to a ruling from a state appeals court.

The court basically concluded that while using navigation software on a phone is acceptable, entering the app’s password is not.

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Michaelangelo Troisi was pulled over for distracted driving in November of 2019 in Princeton. He was stopped for texting while driving and issued a $206 charge.

Troisi filed an appeal, insisting that all he did was launch the Google Maps software on his phone and enter a password. He claims he explained his situation to the officer who pulled him over but was nevertheless issued a penalty.
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N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.3 specifies that “shall not restrict the use of either hand to activate, deactivate, or initiate a function of the telephone” as part of the definition of “hand-free use.”

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This, according to Troisi, is why he should not have been given a ticket.

However, the court found that Troisi exceeded the scope of any legal activation or initiation. Finally, Troisi must pay a total of 6 for the infraction plus for the court’s fees.
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Apparently, according to NJ.com Troisi did not hire a lawyer for the appeal but instead handled it on his own.


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