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Need Money for Food or Utilities? $450 to $1,500 for New Jersey Tenants and Homeowners Via the ANCHOR Program

If you compare the cost of living in New Jersey to that of other states, you will find that it is 15% above the national average. A survey indicates that you will need to pay 38% more than typical for housing. Similarly, you will pay 3% more than the national average for utilities. Those who are unemployed or earn insufficient incomes have a serious problem.

In states such as New York, California, North Carolina, and Texas, various assistance programmes are available to citizens. Let me to list a few. There is a programme called Crucial Single-Family Rehabilitation Program for North Carolina residents. Texas has the Texas Utility Assistance Program.

There are several cash assistance programmes in Illinois. Here you can view their information. In addition, the HWB Program in New York provides up to $3,000 to each qualifying individual.

ANCHOR Program for New Jersey homeowners and renters

  1. If you are a homeowner with an income of $150,000 or less, you are likely to get $1,500.
  2. A homeowner with an approximate annual income of $250,000 may receive $1,000.
  3. In case you are a renter and your income is around $150,000 or less, you will be given $450.

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