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HomenewsThe Most Haunted Field in New Jersey Is Located Just Outside Philadelphia.

The Most Haunted Field in New Jersey Is Located Just Outside Philadelphia.

You need not travel very far to reach one of the most terrifying locations in all of New Jersey.

Who Needs to Wait until October 31 for A Thrill?

Instead of waiting for the return of haunted paths and houses in the fall, you may always visit the Delaware River bank in Gloucester County, South Jersey. This is the location of the historic Red Bank Battlefield, which is situated along the riverbanks in National Park.

Revolutionary War fans are familiar with the history of Red Bank Battlefield. If you’re unfamiliar, let me fill you in. The Battle of Red Bank occurred adjacent to a residence known as the Whitall House. When you go there today, the field will be straight to the right of the house.

The Whitall House was allegedly constructed in 1748. The house and the surrounding land are so eerie because a great deal of savagery occurred there. It was a full-scale conflict, thus the mansion on the site served as a hospital for wounded and fallen soldiers.

Since then, numerous individuals have reported strange sightings and occurrences within the home and on the grounds itself. are rumored to have occurred there.

A party of paranormal investigators visited the property to see what they could experience there. Incredibly, they did receive the sense that they weren’t alone. Even one investigator described feeling pressure across her entire body, which is sometimes experienced in the presence of paranormal energy. Someone else claims that something grabbed her arm.

Furthermore, keep a watch out for children if you ever decide to visit the Red Bank Battlefield and the Whitall Mansion. Supposedly, they have been spotted throughout the residence.

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