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New Jersey Motorists Can Be Fined for This Simple Infraction

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with determining whether or not common Garden State activities are unlawful.

Do you violate the law without even realising it?

Have you ever made out in a vehicle? We became intimate really quickly, huh?

You need not respond to that.

I investigated whether it is unlawful to “perform the deed” while driving in New Jersey.

Let’s imagine you’re at the grocery store in the late afternoon or evening when hunger strikes.

You intended to purchase a bag of chips, so you open the Lays and begin to eat.

Have you ever wondered whether it is prohibited to consume groceries before paying for them? That is not as easy as you may believe.

I performed everything required of me. I lowered my windows and kept my hands on the wheel while I awaited the officer’s arrival.

As soon as he approached me, the officer shone his light inside the car. He requested licence registration and proof of insurance. At that point, I searched my glove compartment and wallet for the necessary items.

We went through the entire “do you know why I stopped you?” procedure.

I am always truthful in these circumstances. I find that the results are usually better if you are honest.

I informed the police that I was speeding. He validated my suspicion and stated that I was driving 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. It sounded appropriate. The officer stated that he will return shortly.

When he left, it became really dark, and it was then that I remembered I had never turned on my dome lights. The officer’s arrival at my vehicle occurred so rapidly that it did not even cross my mind.

The officer returned with a ticket for speeding. He then requested that I turn on my dome lights. I acquiesced. I took my ticket and departed.

As I drove home, I pondered why he instructed me to turn on the dome lights after instructing me to open the glovebox.

According to my research, it is possible to be punished for not having your dome lights on during a traffic stop.

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