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New Jersey Boaters Who Went Missing While Heading to Florida Have Been Located

CAPE MAY COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) — Two men who went missing last week on a sailboat heading from New Jersey to Florida have been recovered safe, the United States Coast Guard reported Tuesday night.

“Is this actually happening?” Nina DiTomasso said. “Are we dreaming?” It was a call that Natalie and Nina DiTomasso will never forget. The Coast Guard said 76-year-old Joe DiTomasso and 64-year-old Kevin Hyde were located about 214 miles east of Delaware by the tanker vessel Silver Muna just after 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Missing New Jersey boaters en route to Florida found safe

According to the Coast Guard, the 30-foot Atrevida II yacht they were in ran out of gasoline and electricity. DiTomasso and Hyde drew the attention of the tanker by raising their arms and flag, the Coast Guard said.

“Of course, we have a lot of questions that I am sure my dad will be repeating the story about for years to come,” Natalie DiTomasso said, “but most importantly, we are just so pleased and relieved he is safe.”

DiTomasso and Hyde were going from Cape May to Marathon, Florida, when the USCG claimed they lost communication with family and friends on Dec. 3 after they left Oregon Inlet, North Carolina.

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“My dad is infamous for losing his cellphone or his charger,” Nina DiTomasso remarked. “So in the beginning, we weren’t particularly stressed. We just assumed typical dad and then as it drew closer to this past weekend is when we truly grew concerned.”

The Coast Guard claimed the two were located on the Atrevida II together with a pet dog. The two have no acute health issues. The DiTomasso daughters stated their dad is a boater and smart on the sea. They stated his experience helped him survive.

Missing New Jersey boaters en route to Florida found safe

“Their generator was not working, their radio was not working,” Natalie DiTomasso added. “No cellphone charges. The last time we knew they picked up food, I suppose was around Dec. 3. That low on provisions, so I cannot even picture what they been through.”

The Coast Guard reported Ditommasso and Hyde are aboard the Silver Muna, going to New York. Once they arrive, they’ll be transported to a Coast Guard vessel and reunited with family, which is expected Wednesday.

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Cmdr. Daniel Schrader, the spokeswoman for the Coast Guard Atlantic Area, said in a statement they’re “overjoyed with the resolution of the investigation and look forward to reuniting Mr. Hyde and Mr. Ditomasso with their family and friends.
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