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State Income Tax Rates Are Lowest in New Jersey and Michigan, and Highest in Alaska, According to Studies

Among the states, Alaska has the highest recreational cannabis taxes in the country, while New Jersey has the lowest, as detailed in the recent Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Report.
The report was compiled to serve as a resource for policymakers, journalists, and members of the community interested in learning more about cannabis tax debates.

It does this by outlining the cannabis tax system in each state, providing data on revenue from these taxes, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of various tax models, and discussing the goals of each model.

New Jersey, Michigan Lowest Tax Rates While Alaska Having The Highest, According to Reports

The authors estimated that the retail price of marijuana in all 50 states would be $100 per ounce at 20% THC concentration, with additional wholesale taxes added to this price.

Considering the state’s $50 per ounce excise tax on floral products, Alaska had the highest taxes at an estimated $57.50 on a 0 ounce; Washington came in second with taxes at an estimated .
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25 per ounce; New York, Connecticut, and Nevada rounded out the top five highest-tax states.

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The lowest tax rates may be found in the states of New Jersey and Michigan, where the rate is at $14.32 and $16.

More and more states in the United States are beginning to recognise the potential economic benefits of legalising cannabis, but as each one does so, it also creates its own set of laws and guidelines, resulting in a unique patchwork of cannabis legislation as you move from legal state to legal state.

In addition to varying prices and tax rates, this may involve a wide variety of commodities, limits, and compliance procedures that vary from state to state.

New Jersey has the lowest recreational cannabis taxes, while Alaska has the highest, according to a new report by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Taxes, which examines the different tax rates and models for cannabis across the United States.

The situation is trickier than it seems, given that each state handles cannabis taxation in its own unique way.

As the writers note in their preface, this is in sharp contrast to the customary taxes placed on booze, cigarettes, and gas.

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The report’s goals are to aid policymakers, journalists, and members of the community in understanding cannabis tax debates by providing an overview of cannabis tax structures in all 50 states, data on cannabis tax revenue, an analysis of the pros and cons of different cannabis tax models, and an explanation of the objectives of these tax regimes.

Alaska has the highest taxes, at an estimated $57.50 on a hundred dollars’ worth of weed, largely due to the state’s $50 per-ounce levy on cannabis flower. In Anchorage, there is a local pricing excise tax that accounts for $7.50.

Washington comes in second, at $47.25 for a hypothetical $100 ounce, although the authors also observed that the state’s cannabis costs are lower than the national average, so the price of an ounce would definitely be cheaper.

Since taxes are assessed based on a percentage of the selling price, the total tax paid would end up being lower.

New York ($45.37), Connecticut ($45.16), and Nevada ($41.39) followed California as the next three states with the highest taxes on a hypothetical $100 ounce of gold.

New Jersey, Michigan Lowest Tax Rates While Alaska Having The Highest, According to Reports

Both New Jersey and Michigan ranked dead last in tax rates, with $14.32 and $16 per $100 of income, respectively. New Jersey’s tax rate of 6.625% was established to be low so that lawful businesses may remain competitive with their illicit counterparts.

Local governments in New Jersey have the power to apply a gross receipts tax on licenced merchants, distributors, and producers, thus the actual amount collected may be more than the authors’ estimate.

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As a result, the authors accounted for a 2% tax on total sales. Michigan levies a 10% excise tax in addition to its 6% sales tax.

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