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Linda Phan Net Worth: Are Drew and Linda Expecting a Baby?

Linda Phan, a well-known reality star, was born in the United States on April 22, 1985. She is best known as the longtime girlfriend and then-wife of HGTV broadcaster Drew Scott. She is the Creative Director for Scott Brothers Entertainment. Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House would be the couple’s reality show later on. Linda Phan’s zodiac sign is Taurus, according to astrologists.

She is the youngest of four siblings, with three elder sisters and a younger brother. In May of this year, she married Drew in Italy.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Linda Phan was born on April 22, 1985, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is 36 years old as of 2021. She is a huge Disney lover. Her family consisted of three older sisters and a younger brother. They all have Instagram accounts where they share their homemade crafts. Linda finished her architectural studies.

Her passion for entrepreneurship grew, and she was able to assist Scott Brothers in running their business. She has grown in her understanding of how to develop new ideas and contribute to the company’s growth in terms of product lines, digital content, and marketing efforts.


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Linda Phan’s Professional Career and Life

Linda Phan’s professional life is a mystery. She began her professional career as a barista outside a Cineplex theatre. When she began dating Drew, she went to work for their company, Scott Brothers Entertainment.

She is currently its creative director, and she contributes to the company’s growth by developing various new concepts.

Linda and Drew’s Crafty Love Story, Outrageous Holiday Houses, Wedding Cake Countdown With Drew And Linda, and other shows feature her.

Drew, on the other hand, is a well-known television personality. He is the host of the hit television show Property Brothers. He has also appeared in several films, including Dancing with the Stars (2017), Ryan’s Mystery Playdate (2019), Hell’s Kitchen (2016), and others.

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Achievements & Awards

Linda Phan is the president and CEO of a well-known production company. Here are a few of her most notable accomplishments:

Linda Phan is most known for being the director of the “Scott Brothers” production firm.
Linda Phan is the wife of Drew Scott, a well-known actor, and as a result, she is extremely well-known.

Linda Phan’s Current Net Worth


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She has been lucky because she is creative and knows how to do work well. It is thought that Linda is worth about $2 million. She has a lot of experience and is good at working on the digital parts of the company.

Social Media Presence

Linda is active on several well-known social media platforms, which is critical to her career as a television host. She launched her Twitter account in October 2011 and has over 10,000 followers and 600 tweets to her credit.

Linda has over 130,000 Instagram followers and has uploaded over 500 photos to her account. She also has a Facebook page with more than 12,200 followers.

Linda’s Favourite Hobbies and Interests

Linda enjoys a range of other hobbies in her leisure time instead of focusing primarily on television shows.

Linda has been to every continent and considers it to be her greatest passion. Europe is her favorite continent, and she married in Italy.

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Because she is a nature lover, she would rather be surrounded by lakes and mountains than being stuck in a big city. Linda is a philanthropist who has donated large quantities of money to charity over the years; she is particularly interested in supporting people who lack access to clean water and nutritional food.

Linda is also a big animal lover, but she doesn’t have any pets because she doesn’t have the time to properly care for them.
She does, however, occasionally use Instagram to share pictures of her friends’ dogs.

Marriage With Drew Scott and Past Relationships

Linda and Drew met for the first time at a Toronto fashion week event in 2010. People say that they hit it off right away, which is likely true since they started dating just a few days after the event.

Before moving in together in the first half of 2014, they dated for more than four years. On December 13, 2016, Drew got down on one knee and asked Linda to marry him. The two could have been seen working on their new house together in the third season of “Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House.”

Drew and Linda both love to travel, so they decided to get married in Italy on May 12, 2018. It was a big wedding, but instead of giving them gifts, Linda and Drew asked their guests to give money to charity. They also gave a lot of money to people in need on the same day.

Linda Phan Net Worth

Soon after the wedding, the couple could be seen on “Entertainment Tonight,” where they talked about their honeymoon in South America and showed some of the pictures they took there. They want to have more kids, but they’re not rushing it right now because they’re both focused on their careers.

Drew Scott and Linda Phan

Their father worked as an actor and stuntman before deciding to focus on his family after the birth of his twin sons. At the age of seven, he convinced his twin sons to start selling nylon-wrapped hangars door to door. Drew and his twin brother moved on to Thomas Haney Secondary School before going to university in Calgary and graduating.

Drew is most known for acting alongside his brother Jonathan in the TV series “Property Brothers,” in which they play a realtor and a contractor, respectively. In Canada, the show was a blockbuster, generating spinoffs like “Buying and Selling” and “Property Brothers: At Home.”

Drew and both of his brothers also founded Scott Brothers Entertainment, a digital entertainment company that creates series and movies. Drew and Jonathan own the “Scott Living” furniture company, which they’ve expanded to include “Dream Homes.” Drew, like his wife, is a huge philanthropist who has donated a significant amount of money to charity throughout the years.

Drew has a sizable social media following, with over 1.7 million people following him on Instagram, where he has around 2,800 photographs.


Are Drew and Linda Expecting a Baby?

Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” and his wife, Linda Phan, announced at the end of 2021 that they were expecting their first child. Now, the couple is talking about the magical moment they found out they were going to be parents after struggling with infertility.


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