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Light the Night Season 4: Does the fourth season of In the Dark exist?

A Taiwanese television program called “Light the Night” is about two women who own a Taipei nightclub with a Japanese motif and attracts affluent businessmen.

The episode takes place in the 1980s and demonstrates how close Rose and Sue are as friends. There are some issues between the two persons as a result of the connections between their pasts and love lives.

The intriguing murder mystery more than makes up for the soapy and slow-paced appearance of the program “Blue Hour” in comparison to other programs of the same genre. It receives largely positive reviews and has a sizable, devoted following that is expanding. The criminal drama has been airing since its debut on November 26, 2021, for a total of three seasons.

Light the Night Season 4: Expected Date of Release

The fourth round of the reality program is all we are aware of. On March 18, 2022, the whole third season of “Light the Night” was made available on Netflix, The third season consists of eight episodes. Between 46 and 55 minutes are spent on each.

Light the Night Season 4 (3)

According to Netflix, there has been no formal announcement regarding the show’s future or conclusion. As everyone is aware, Netflix often lets a show a few months to adjust to its format before determining what to do with the following one. It is the same with this.

If you’re curious about what we’ve learned regarding a potential fourth season, let us show you all we’ve learned.

The popularity of “Light the Night” and its regular viewership is demonstrated by the ratings for previous episodes.

This is what Ruby Lin (Rose) allegedly did in February 2022, according to her diary. If the writers could create a tale that was even more engaging than the ones from the previous three seasons, she said that the program might return for a fourth season. To garner the most interest, it would be best if the team decided to produce a fourth season at the same time as a movie spinoff.

For aficionados of the genre, the news that the mystery show will resume airing is fantastic. The show may be announced to be returning by Netflix within the next several months, if not sooner. If it occurs, “Light the Night’s” fourth season might air in the second quarter of 2023.

Light the Night Season 4:  Season 4 of Light the Night on Twitter

Go to the Light the Night Season 4 Twitter page and look around.

Light the Night Season 4: Recap

The suspense novel’s second chapter is devoted to Sue’s passing. It brings the inquiry into her death to a logical conclusion. A tragic incident that occurs between Sue and Rose’s father is also investigated, as is the relationship between Rose and Sue.

Light the Night Season 4 (1)

In the course of the season, Rose comes to the realization that she is in peril because all the evidence points to her being Sue’s likely murderer. Yaya reprimands Rose for falsely accusing her of murdering Sue at the conclusion of season 2. The Light team then rejoices in their accomplishment as a result of their perseverance.

Chiang Han discovers an audiotape near the end of the season that features a woman who seemed anxious about the potential passing of another woman. Later, as he is getting ready to see Rose, he is struck by a car and has significant injuries.

Many important subjects will probably be covered when the show returns for a third season. To continue, we must first ascertain whether Chiang Han is still alive. Furthermore, neither the recording nor the driver of the car that ran over Chiang Han and murdered him is known. Still ongoing is the investigation.

Chiang Han, who has already been designated as a suspect in Sue’s murder, has been under careful observation by Wen-cheng. The aftermath of the catastrophe could have a big impact on what happens next.

Light the Night Season 4: Cast

Ruby Lin is the primary character in the film. She portrays Rose, the nightclub Hikari’s manager. Rose and Sue are close friends, and Sue is the owner of Hikari. She will most likely return to the same role if the program is renewed for a fourth season. Cheryl Yang might reprise her role as Sue in future flashback sequences.

Light the Night Season 4 (2)

The drama’s pivotal character Yo Yang (Pan Wen-cheng) is likely to participate in Round Four as well. Another cast member might return if “Light the Night” receives the fourth season, although that is not a guarantee.

Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-Hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai-lien AKO), Cherry Hsieh (Chi Man-ju AKO Ah-chi), and Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh are part of this group (Ah-chi). Esther Liu, who plays Hana a.k.a. Li Shu-Hua, and Puff Kuo, who plays Wang Ai- (Huang Pai-he AKA Yuri). Therefore, the fourth edition might have some fresh faces or new characters.

Light the Night Season 4: Plot

Season 3 of “Light the Night” continues the inquiry into Sue’s death. The detectives are followed by the camera as they investigate Sue’s death further and attempt to identify her killer. Many secrets are revealed at this time of year.

We get to observe each person’s unique response to the data. Confessions and queries are always included in the plot because it is a murder mystery. Numerous characters attempt to defend their loved ones in the season finale. Some of the characters have also been known to travel through time. In the end, the truth is revealed, and practically everyone tries to cope with it.

If there is a fourth season, the show might take a new turn. The conclusion of the third season might have been the catalyst for this.

The fourth season, which is anticipated to premiere in February 2022, will have a more comprehensive plot, according to Ruby Lin.

They don’t want to repeat another person’s death in this instance in order to continue the narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a fourth season of Light the Night?

According to Tu, preparations for Light The Night’s fourth season or perhaps a movie based on the series are still ongoing.

Does the fourth season of In the Dark exist?

The CW will premiere the fourth season of “In the Dark” in June 2022. However, that won’t happen until later in the year. It will probably also air on Netflix in the US. However, you won’t be able to view it on Netflix in other nations, as we’ll explain below. In the Dark from The CW will premiere on Netflix in Season 4 on the dates listed below.

In whose hands did the Series rest?

A Taiwanese Netflix original series named Light the Night, formerly known as Blue Hour, will premiere in 2021. It was previously known as Blue Hour and was created by Ryan Tu and Lien Yi-chi.


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