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Ice in My Veins: What Does This Trend Mean?

Anything, from the most mundane to the most bizarre occurrences, has the potential to become a new TikTok sensation every day. People typically use their middle and index fingers to point at their arms. The “ice in my veins” stance appears to be the basis for this latest fad on the app.

As if to take their pulse, TikTok is pointing two fingers at their inner arm. This format is gaining popularity day by day. This stance is typically accompanied by writing regarding TikTok. At first glance, this position doesn’t make much sense, but NBA fans might be familiar with it.

What does it mean when people say “ice in my veins” all over TikTok?The phrase “ice in my veins” appears in a lot of videos if you’ve recently been on TikTok.Everyone on TikTok is unsure about what it signifies and typically uses a strange hand motion.

‘ice in My Veins’: What Does That Mean?

The expression “Ice on my veins” is commonly used. It is related to sports.

A person is “cold-blooded” if they have “ice in their veins.” This idiom is frequently used by NBA players and other athletes to express how it feels to be resilient in trying circumstances. It typically indicates that in the final few minutes, the outcome of the game is in your hands, and you must exert all of your might and resolve to prevail.

The “ice in my veins” position is an arm gesture from a well-known sports expression. This term refers to “cold-blooded” individuals who maintain their composure under pressure when the game is in the balance in the closing moments, such as professional athletes like NBA players.

_Ice in My Veins (2)

Former Los Angeles Lakers player D’Angelo Russell made the pose known by saying, “Ice in his veins,” and began doing it as a celebratory pose following huge plays.

The stance gained popularity as he made it more well-known, becoming quite famous on social media.

So, it’s not a mistake that she is checking her pulse. It is evident on TikTok that Russell’s winning posture served as its inspiration, but its significance has changed. The phrase “Ice in your veins” on TikTok doesn’t necessarily indicate that a basketball game’s closing moments are tense. Instead, it indicates that someone is being honest and authentic.

The new connotation makes sense since this position is typically displayed along with TikToker-related information. The carriage is intended to demonstrate that the wording in their video accurately depicts who they are and what they have to say. The “It Started with a “Hey” TikTok challenge frequently includes the gesture.

Ice in My Veins: It Frequently Refers to a Specific Hand Motion

On TikTok, the phrase “ice in my veins” is frequently used accompanied by an odd hand motion in which two fingers are placed on the arm of the opposite person.

Usually, words appear on the screen as Mother Mother’s song “Hayloft” plays in the background.

NBA players frequently use this gesture to indicate that the game is almost done and that they have “ice in their veins.”

A Lakers player named D’Angelo Russell was the first to do it as a form of celebration.

However, hand motion now has a distinct meaning on TikTok.

 Ice in My Veins: Explaining the “Two Fingers on Arm” Trend

TikTok is littered with the D’Angelo Russell-famous “ice in my veins” gesture, but it no longer conveys the intended meaning.

_Ice in My Veins (2)

It now denotes that a person is being honest while describing themselves.

These kinds of videos typically have two clips. A TikTok user first shares a personal story. They place two fingers on their arm in a fresh scene that is subsequently cut to.

Ice in My Veins: It All Started With a “Hey” Problem

The “It Started with a Hey” challenge pits two utterly dissimilar people against one another. To demonstrate that what they are saying is accurate and that they are speaking about their “real selves,” the second person in the video typically makes the arm motion.

A “Macanese” user on TikTok released a video of the challenge in action, and it quickly gained popularity. Macelnesar introduces the video, which has received 7.3 million views, by labeling herself a pushover. She then makes an arm gesture and shows the camera her best friend, who she says will “actually murder anyone.”

Ice in My Veins: Frequently Asked Question

What Does Having Ice in My Veins Mean?

I’m amazed at how composed she remained throughout. Other people might have been frightened or upset.

Where Did the Ice in My Veins Come From?

With a last-second three-pointer against the Brooklyn Nets, D’Angelo Russell had just scored a career-high 39 points. The barrage led to the Lakers winning only one of their 17 games that season, and Russell then began pointing to the veins on his left arm. “Ice!” he exclaimed into the camera. My veins are ice cold.

Can Your Veins Pass Through Ice?

Symptoms and signs are used to make a diagnosis. 90% of those who have ice in their veins also experience hypothermia, have a chilly face, and can feel ice cubes in their veins. Time and possibly a nice blanket.


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