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Rocket League Season 8: Will There Be a New Rocket League Season 8 Trailer?

The gaming community has loved the car football game since its inception in 2015, and one of the main reasons for this is because they bring new content via seasons every few months.

Season 7 is officially underway, and players have the opportunity to acquire fantastic new rewards such as the Golden Painted Pro Tier goods and the Maestro Car.

Players have loved the current season; nonetheless, there is a strong sense among the community that season 8 should begin as soon as feasible.

Rocket League Season 8: Season 8 has been revealed.

The Honda Civic Type-R will be the featured vehicle in the Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass. But wait, there’s more! Sovereign Heights is a completely new region, and the extremely popular Haunted Hallows event is returning.

Rocket League Season 8: Date of Release

Season 7 of Rocket League is currently underway, and the creators have confirmed on the official Rocket League website that this new season will end on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022. Typically, a new season follows immediately after.
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Rocket League Season 8 (1)

As a result, season 8 is likely to follow immediately after and arrive on the same date (7th September 2022). It will most likely go live on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Rocket League Season 8: New Season 8 Rewards

For those curious, Season 8 will have some nice new rewards; unfortunately, we do not yet know what they will be. We can tell you that among the new rewards will be a new car, new car skins, and in-game gold.

Rocket League Season 8: Will There Be Trailer?

Season 8 will have a trailer released before it goes online for individuals in the Rocket League community that are interested. When the trailer becomes available, we will update this page.

The teaser will be fantastic because it will give us a sneak glimpse of everything that is to come in Season 8, including possible new maps, cars, and rewards, so keep an eye out for it.

Season 8 will premiere on Wednesday, August 7th, which means we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on the all new content.

Rocket League Season 8: Season 8 Leaks

Small fragments of graffiti have been steadily appearing on the updated Gilded edition of the fan favorite Utopia Collusseum map over the last week. We initially received small doodles of crowns in purple, crimson, and gold, but there’s more.

Rocket League Season 8 (2)

The crowns could be a hint at the Season 8 rewards, according to speculation. Back in Season 1, participants received a crown topper for their car, ranging from bronze to platinum depending on rank. Perhaps Season 8 will give an updated version, complete with purple and red crowns for champ and grandchamp, as seen in the graffiti.

However, additional graffiti appeared a few days later. The phrases “Soccer belongs to the streets” and “Sovereign Krew” appear alongside other little text and crowns. Rocket League content developers believe this could be a preview of a new street art theme for Season 8.

Rocket League Season 8 (2)

Data mining has also discovered a picture in the new theme that appears to feature the famed Rocket League ‘egg’ spectators. This might simply be extra splash art or an allusion to new cosmetics.

Rocket League Season 8: What to anticipate

Expect a week of hard work when the season begins as everyone scrambles back up the ranks following a reset, but if you want the toughest competition, here is the place to be. Get in there and grind those placements and combat passes, and keep an eye on this space for any additional release information.


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