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In 2022, LG IMS Will Be Stopped Selling: Here Is the Official LG and T-Mobile Patch for The IMS Problem!

LG may have left the smartphone market, but that doesn’t mean existing owners have immediately shifted to another company. The corporation still has a liberal upgrade policy for customers who possess a Samsung smartphone, so things might have been a lot worse.

T-Mobile subscribers, on the other hand, were left with non-functional phones for the better part of the day, with the error message “LG IMS has halted” popping up again and over. The good news is that the carrier has already implemented a patch for the problem.

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What is the ‘LG IMS’ issue and how can it be resolved?

The problem is impacting a range of LG phones on T-Mobile, according to The T-Mo Report on Reddit. For many, the “LG IMS has ceased” notification appeared overnight, and it continued to appear even after customers disregarded it.

lg ims keeps stopping 2022

T-Mobile LG phones become effectively worthless as a result of this. The issue was not solved by restarting or even resetting the phone.

If you’re curious, IMS is a foundation for effectively routing phone calls and SMS messages across data networks, enabling you to make and receive calls and texts over LTE and 5G.

The networking functionality is necessary for your phone to function as a phone, and it is one of the key architectural building blocks for current Android phone services. It seems that something went wrong with the introduction of IMS services on T-Mobile in LG’s situation, which is why the problem is limited to this carrier’s network.

T-Mobile Issues with LG IMS have been resolved.

T-Mobile recognized the problem this morning, saying it was “actively working with LG” to fix it.

LG IMS Keeps Stopping Error Message Issue Guide

The T-Mo Report, in an update issued this afternoon, quotes a reliable source as indicating that a patch has begun going out and that users afflicted by the problem should reset their handsets. It’s possible that this update may take up to 24 hours to reach everyone.

If you’re still experiencing issues and want to try a manual solution in the meanwhile, please see the guidelines below.

Restart the IMS services.

On Reddit, a knowledgeable LG phone owner discovered and posted a solution that seems to have worked for many people. Here’s what you should do:

LG warning

  • Set your LG phone to airplane mode to avoid seeing the error notice again.
  • Go to Apps & Notifications -> App Info in Settings.
  • Enable the display system by tapping the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • In the list, look for com.LGE.IMS.RCS provider and touch it.
  • Clear cache, clear storage/data, and force stop are the three buttons to press in the full overview for this software. (Some of these three choices may be accessed under storage information depending on your Android version.)
  • Step 5 may need to be repeated many times until the issue is resolved.


Even if you’re in airplane mode, your LG phone may continue to display the error message, so be ready to act quickly.

Make sure you complete all of the steps in step 5 without dismissing the problem notification. If the problem warning appears again in the midst of the process, repeat step 5.

The tipster claims that this approach has fixed the issue on three separate LG phones in their home, so it’s probable that it will work for you as well, but there’s no guarantee that it will.

Remove your SIM card or turn off your phone.

If the procedure above doesn’t work for you or is too time-consuming, you may either remove the SIM card from your LG phone or keep it in airplane mode.


You won’t be able to make or receive calls, texts, or connect to the mobile network, but it will stop the error messages from appearing for certain individuals. You’ll be able to use your phone on Wi-Fi at the very least until LG and T-Mobile work on a permanent solution. Read More: Reggie Bullock’s Net Worth: What Nba Team Does Bullock Play for?

What triggered the problem?


We don’t know what triggered the IMS issues, but according to the T-Mo Report’s source, T-Mobile began some type of network-side system upgrade, and the IMS issue on LG phones was not identified until after the update was done.


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