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Jimmy White Net Worth: Is He Still Married?

Jimmy White Net Worth: The Whirlwind, sometimes known as Jimmy White or James Warren White, is an English senior snooker player. He has three senior world championships. His dynamically offensive playing style is the basis for his nick moniker.

He has won several prestigious awards. They also include Alex Higgins, the 1984 World Doubles Champion, the 2009 Six-red World Champion, the three-time World Seniors Champion, and the 2019 Seniors Six-Red World Champion. Additionally, he has won two of the three main tournaments in snooker: the Masters in 1984 and the UK Championship in 1992.

On the list of all-time ranking event winners, White is presently at number 10. But the qualities don’t stop there. He lasted almost 21 seasons in the top 16 players in the sport of snooker. He is also a handful of players with more than 300-century breaks in professional play.

Despite making it to the six World Championship finals, he has yet to take the trophy. He has excelled in team competitions as well, helping England win the Nations Cup and the World Cup. In addition, he has the record for having the second-highest maximum break at the World Championship and being the first left-handed player to do so. Jimmy White has 25 non-ranking event victories in addition to 10 wins in tournaments with a ranking. At the 1992 World Championship, he made a break of 147.

Jimmy White Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Jimmy had a lengthy career and is currently going strong. His professional career began in 1980, and as of right now, he is ranked 88. Let’s say that he’s had a successful run, and as a result, he has earned some decent money. His total career earnings are £4,812,154. So, how much money is Jimmy White worth? Find out by reading on!

Jimmy White Net Worth

Jimmy White is estimated to be worth $9 million. White is a skilled pool and poker player in addition to being one of the most well-known and accomplished snooker players. His total career earnings come to around £4,812,154.

Net Worth: $9 Million
Date of Birth: May 2, 1962 (60 years old)
Gender: Male
Nationality: England

Jimmy White Early Life

He was born in Tooting, England, on May 2, 1962. Despite attending the Ernest Bevin School, he never excelled academically because his interests were divergent. He would skip class to go to Ted Zanoncelli’s snooker hall because he was a habitual absentee. His snooker interest took hold around this time. He was skilled at snooker from the beginning, and snooker came effortlessly to him.

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During this time, he would run across Tony Meo. At various locations, they would engage in lucrative competitions. White possessed a natural ability and talent for the game of snooker, which would subsequently lead to a prosperous amateur career. He captured the English Amateur Championship in 1979. A year later, he won the World Amateur Snooker Championship at the youngest age ever. He had only turned 18 when he won. Since then, the record has been broken by Ian Preece and Hossein Vafaei.

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Jimmy White Personal Life

White has five kids and resides in Epsom, Surrey. In his 2014 autobiography, which was published, he discussed his battle with crack. He admitted that during a trying time in his career, he battled a three-month crack cocaine addiction.

He became addicted to crack after losing to Steve Davis in the 1984 World Championship final. In 2005, as part of a sponsorship agreement, he changed his name to “James Brown” for the Masters. His dog’s dognapping in the late 1990s made newspaper headlines. The dog, Splinter, became the first animal to appear in color on The Times’ front page. After paying the ransom to the kidnapper, White was eventually able to get his puppy back.

White plays pool and poker in addition to snooker. Along with Steve Davis and Alex Higgins, he was a member of the Mosconi Cup-winning pool team in 1995. He triumphed in the second Poker Million competition in 2003.


He presently provides commentary for Eurosport-coverage UK’s of snooker. White has also been in the media frequently. One of his well-known roles was in Stephen Chow’s 1990 film Kung Fu. He also had appearances on reality television programs like Big Break and I’m a Celebrity… Take Me Away From Here!

Is Jimmy White Still Married?

The loved-up pair apparently considered getting married, but they still reportedly don’t live together. Jimmy lives in Epsom, Surrey, while Jade is located in Blackpool. However, they are content with the arrangement. “I’ve never been happier, and I’m glad to announce that things are going well in my life.


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