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Jason De Rusha Has Announced :His Departure from The Morning Program at WCCO!

The popular morning news anchor of WCCO-TV in the Twin Cities, Jason DeRusha, is stepping down.

“I started working at WCCO on April 1, 2003. DeRusha said Tuesday morning that he will be leaving the anchor desk on June 23, 2022. “I’ve had an incredible run, and they’ve asked me to remain on as a special reporter.”

According to WCCO-TV, DeRusha will shift to a contributing position for station events and special projects, citing a desire to “explore other options that allow for a more regular schedule and time with family” as the reason for his choice. For the last nine years, he has been hosting the morning news with Heather Brown and meteorologist Riley O’Connor.

A Little Youngster Is Watching the News.

“In many respects, I have the career I imagined when I was a little child watching the news in my family’s living room every day. Thanks to WCCO-TV, I’ve met people and seen places I never dreamed of,” DeRusha said in a prepared statement.

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“And yet, like many of you, there’s a stirring in my soul: what if I attempted something new?” What doors may open if I tried a fresh one after 19 years of opening the same one?”

The CBS station in Minneapolis has not disclosed who will take up DeRusha’s co-hosting responsibilities on WCCO This Morning, which airs weekdays from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. The station has also made no preparations to replace DeRusha on WCCO Mid-Morning weekdays from 9-10 a.m.

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Since 2013, WCCO has been the morning anchor.

Jason DeRusha, who has been a morning anchor at WCCO since 2013, revealed on Tuesday that he would be leaving the station next month. He assured his audience that he’ll be living in Minnesota and contributing as a special reporter on occasion.

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DeRusha posted on his Facebook page: “I’ve decided to take a risk and try something new after 19 years at WCCO and 9 years on this morning program. I’m not completely leaving Minnesota, and WCCO has invited me to return as a special reporter on occasion. In many respects, I’m doing the work I imagined myself doing as a middle-class youngster watching the news in my family’s living room. I’ve met people and seen places I never expected to visit.”

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He went on to claim that “a stirring in his spirit” had caused him to desire to try something new. DeRusha told the Star Tribune on Tuesday that the moment has come for him to take a gamble. “It’s strange to leave a job that you like. But what if you find another job you enjoy? “he questioned. DeRusha was certain that he would not relocate to another market.

The Illinois native has become one of the Twin Cities’ most charming media personalities after joining the local CBS station over 20 years ago. He is a frequent fixture on the social scene and acts as a cuisine reviewer for Minnesota Monthly in addition to co-hosting “WCCO This Morning.”

“You put us there, therefore we have a strong team,” co-host Heather Brown remarked on the air Tuesday morning. DeRusha, 47, took over the station’s “Good Question” program before beginning the morning shift. He has also been a pioneer in using social media to engage with his audience.

DeRusha discussed the significance of adapting to the times in a 2021 feature for Star Tribune magazine.

“It’s always been a long game for me,” he added, “where you think, OK, a lot of the younger folks I hang out with on social media are probably not following the news.” “However, when kids start watching the news in ten years, I want them to feel as if I’ve been a part of their lives for decades,” DeRusha said on Tuesday that he would leave the anchor desk on June 23.



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