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HomenewsIn a Two-car Collision on River Road at Springfield Avenue in Pennsauken,...

In a Two-car Collision on River Road at Springfield Avenue in Pennsauken, New Jersey, Grace Lopez Was Fatally Injured and Four Others Were Hurt.

New Jersey (Pennsauken) (January 19th, 2023) – Late on Wednesday, January 18, a pickup truck and an automobile were involved in an accident that claimed the life of one woman and left four others injured.

Grace Lopez, 19, of Woodlynne was reportedly killed in an accident that took place at 11:40 p.m. Supposedly, the accident happened at the corner of River Road and Springfield Avenue.
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A passenger in one of the cars was critically hurt, while a third person was injured but is doing fine. The police, however, did not specify whose vehicle they were in when the accident occurred.

Apparently, both drivers were also sent to the hospital for treatment.

Our hearts go out to Grace Lopez’s loved ones at this time of loss. All who were hurt should get well soon.

Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Jersey

Accidents caused by carelessness claim the lives of thousands of New Jersey residents every year. In most cases, the survivors of such disasters must deal with a barrage of emotional and mental difficulties after such a tragedy.

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As anyone who has lost a loved one due to someone else’s carelessness knows, this is an incredibly trying time. The financial fallout from a loved one’s death can be devastating for surviving family members. Common expenses linked to fatal accidents include:

  • Treatment in the medical field
  • Expenses related to a death
  • The costs associated with a burial

Mechanical work on automobiles, including maintenance, replacement, and other similar services

You might not want to consider taking legal action right after a loved one has died. It’s tough to move past the initial, but important, stage of mourning.

However, taking legal action may be a good idea depending on the specifics of the crash that killed your loved one.

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Your family may be in a better position to obtain justice if you hire a wrongful death attorney to assist you to pursue compensation from the parties responsible for your loved one’s death and the associated expenses.

The loss of a loved one causes financial and emotional hardships that may be compensated for in a lawsuit. Among them are some examples:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Problems processing emotions
  • Despair at life’s passing without you
  • Impairment of Earning Potential
  • Separation anxiety
  • Inadequate child care
  • Embarrassment

There is a vast list of possible losses that may be reimbursed when filing a wrongful death claim, and each one depends on the specifics of the accident that killed your loved one.

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Although monetary compensation will never completely make up for what has happened, it can help you and your loved ones focus on what is most important: your mental and emotional health as you go through this challenging period.


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