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HomenewsA Bill to Legalise Marriage Licences in New Jersey Has Nearly Cleared...

A Bill to Legalise Marriage Licences in New Jersey Has Nearly Cleared Its Last Committee.

On Thursday, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would legalise online marriage licence applications in the state.
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New Jersey issued an executive order allowing marriages and civil unions to be performed using video conferencing services like Zoom and FaceTime beginning in May of 2020.

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However, with the conclusion of the state’s public health emergency, that choice was no longer available.

The law would also legalise the use of live audio-visual technologies for weddings and civil unions.

The measure specifies that a couple and a witness can get a marriage or civil union licence by using audio-visual technology to appear before a licencing official.

Furthermore, this bill will allow the marriage or civil union to be solemnised via audiovisual means by a person, religious community, institution, or organisation.
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By law, a marriage or civil union must be solemnised in the actual presence of an officiant, two witnesses, and the couple who want to marry or enter into a civil union.

The bill specifies the following requirements for obtaining a licence and having a solemnization conducted via audio-visual technology: the video conference must be live and allow for interaction between the couple, the licencing official or officiant, and witnesses;

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the couple and witnesses must present valid photo identification and any other documents necessary for the licencing official or officiant to fulfil their statutory duty, and the couple and witnesses must sign the appropriate paperwork.

Although the state Department of Health did not track the number of virtual marriages that took place during the waiver period, there were roughly 8,000 fewer marriages performed in 2020 than in 2019.


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