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The Governor of Delaware Has Proposed a 9% Boost in Teacher Pay for the Upcoming School Year.

If Governor John Carney’s budget proposal for the 2019 fiscal year is approved, teachers in Delaware might receive raises of up to 9%.

The governor’s State of the State address this week will likely center on this announcement, which was announced on Tuesday.
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It also occurs at a time when teacher retention is a major issue in Delaware, as it is in many other states. The majority of them are going because they can make more money elsewhere.

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Carney at Dover’s Nellie Hughes Stokes Elementary School vowed, “We will not be outcompeted.”

He continued, “We want to attract and keep the best teachers in Delaware schools.” And there’s a lot of rivalry for those teaching jobs.

The average beginning pay in Delaware is now the lowest in the region.

According to the Delaware State Education Association, the average starting salary for a teacher in Delaware is $45,448.

Starting in July 2026, the minimum wage in Maryland will increase from $48,510 to $60,000. In comparison to Pennsylvania’s starting teacher salary of $46,991, New Jersey’s is $54,053.

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Across the state of California, there were more than 500 empty teaching posts at the start of the current school year or roughly 5% of all teaching jobs.

It’s due to chronic problems that have persisted for a long time and have only worsened after the emergence of COVID-19. As a result of the epidemic, a large number of people entered retirement and college enrolment increased, but fewer people entered the field.

Carney intends to include a request for a 3% raise in salary for all school employees in his budget proposal for the fiscal year 2024. This state employee group will receive a 6% raise, with the exception of those who deal closely with children.

In addition, the governor promised more than $50 million in new opportunity funding for low-income and English language learner children in Delaware public schools.

The Wilmington Learning Collaborative, a governing group that aims to monitor and enhance student achievements in municipal schools, would also receive increased funding.

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Following his announcement, Carney gave a brief interview in which he hinted that he would be announcing pay rises for additional state employees on Thursday during his State of the State address. He talked about how many state workers are leaving for private companies like Amazon.

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The range will be “greater than anything I’ve seen in my 30 years of doing this,” he said, declining to give further details.


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