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George Santos Stole$3K From a Fundraiser for a Veteran’s Dying Service Dog: Report

A U.S. Navy veteran in New Jersey who want to save his beloved assistance dog from a life-threatening stomach tumour was linked with “Anthony Devolder,” who pledged to fund the requisite $3,000 for the procedure. Patch reported on Tuesday that Devolder was actually future New York Representative George Santos, and he disappeared from the veteran’s life with the money he had earned for the puppy.

Richard Osthoff, a 47-year-old veteran, told a New York media site that Santos closed the GoFundMe in 2016 after exceeding their fundraising target. Michael Boll, president of the New Jersey Veterans  Dying Network, confirmed the account, stating that he sought to mediate the situation, but Santos was “very unhelpful over the phone.”

Although the GoFundMe page was deleted and The Daily Beast could not locate any archive evidence of it, contemporaneous Facebook posts published by Osthoff mention “Anthony Devolder,” a name by which many people, including Santos’ former roommates, knew him prior to his entry into politics. In 2017, Sapphire the dog passed away. Later, Osthoff, who had been unemployed for more than a year, resorted to panhandling to pay for the animal’s death and cremation—”one of the most humiliating things I’ve ever had to do,” he recalled.

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