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An Election Hiccup in New Jersey Flips a Local Election

In New Jersey, over two months after the election, the results of a local school board contest were altered due to a tabulation problem with a voting system.

The New Jersey Globe reports that both contenders for a seat on the Ocean Township school board have been notified.

Due to USB flash media being inserted twice into the results reporting module, Election Systems and Software voting machines improperly double tallied a number of votes.

The business informed the Washington Examiner that six voting districts were affected by the incident.

“At the request of Monmouth County, ES&S recently checked the county’s election data and discovered that a technician loaded ballots twice in error. Usually, our programme prevents this from occurring. Unfortunately, a human error during a software reinstallation in July omitted the necessary step to report the problem. This oddity is unique to the county of Monmouth. Ultimately, a system of checks and balances protects the integrity of elections, and we are grateful for the audit that uncovered this human error “According to the company, Washington Examiner.

The inaccuracy was uncovered during an audit conducted after the election. One vote separates Steve Clayton and Jeffrey Weinstein in their race for a seat on the school board. Earlier tallies indicated that Clayton had won by 20 votes. Initial results indicated Clayton’s victory, 3,523 to 3,503,

In response to the failure of the computers to detect the issue, the firm will reinstall the election management system to guarantee that it is optimised to detect and prevent duplication of USB flash media results.

Election Systems and Software described the tabulation problem as “an isolated incidence resulting from human procedural error.” This information was obtained through an audit of the system.

In addition, they promised to “collaborate with Monmouth County to ensure that all required efforts are done to assure election accuracy.”

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