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Homenews'knew Him as A Family Member': NJ Woman Recalls Dr. Martin Luther...

‘knew Him as A Family Member’: NJ Woman Recalls Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

From Montgomery, Alabama to Englewood, New Jersey, Theodora Lacey’s recollection of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remained as vivid as ever.

“I knew him as a family member,” said Lacey, 91, who met Dr. King in her hometown of Montgomery through her father’s church.

Lacey addressed hundreds of volunteers, including Governor Phil Murphy, at Community Baptist Church of Englewood, not far from where she resides. While volunteers assembled lunch packets, Lacey reminisced about the Dr. King she knew.

“He was so captivating that people may have believed that he was aggressive and verbose, but he actually wasn’t,” Lacey said. He was constantly eager to assist others and has a high degree of humility.

Monday is a day off for many, but it is actually a day to utilise your voice and deeds to help your community, according to religious leaders.

“I saw a phrase that said, ‘Martin Luther King’s Day is not a day off, it is a day on,’” Dr. Lester W. Taylor, senior pastor of the Community Baptist Church of Englewood, stated. “We are here because are on today. We are engaged on our duties.”

Around 100,000 people in Bergen County do not have access to basic nourishment, and it could be a decade before the region’s hunger numbers return to pre-pandemic levels.

Leaders have stated that it is irrelevant how one serves, so long as they serve something meaningful to them.

Dr. Menen Mathias-Fredericks, president of the Center for Food Action, said, “If addressing the significant issue of children hunger is important to you, then you are here today.”

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