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How Do Your Facebook Friends List Be Hidden? What Are the Features?

Your Facebook profile, including all of your information, posts, and friends, is public by default. Allowing others to view your friend’s list can facilitate making new connections and is often a useful feature. Facebook’s privacy settings allow you to control who can view your complete list of friends.

It’s possible you don’t want everyone to see it, like when you want to protect the privacy of some pals. Perhaps you’re a private person who doesn’t want the world to know who you’re linked to online. The following explains how to protect your Facebook friend list from prying eyes.

How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook

how to hide friends on facebook

In this article, we’ll show you how to conceal your Facebook friends in your web browser.
To get started with Facebook:

  • ┬áselect your profile image (located on the upper right) by clicking on it.
  • select Settings & privacy from the menu that appears.
  • The fourth step is to go to the preferences menu.
  • ┬áSelect Privacy from the list of options on the left.
  • Afterward, in the section titled “How people may locate and contact you,” select Edit next to “Who can view your friend’s list?”
  • To see the available choices, number seven, select the drop-down menu.
  • Public, Friends, Friends except, Specific friends, Only me, and Custom are the options available to you.

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The Mobile-Friendly Guide to Facebook’s Friend-Hiding Features

how to hide friends on facebook

1. Launch the Facebook App on Your Mobile Device, Be It an iPhone or Android.

2. Select the Three Parallel Bars (this Is the Hamburger Menu). This Is in The Lower-Right Corner of An iPhone, but The Upper-Right Corner of An Android Device.
3 Go to The Menu and Select Privacy & Settings.

4. Choose “Settings” from The Menu that Appears.
5. Select “how People Can Find and Contact You” from The “audience and Visibility” Menu.

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Check the Box Labelled Who Can View My Friends List?

how to hide friends on facebook

  • Select the People You Feel Comfortable Having Access to Your Friend List.
  • You Can Select Everyone, Everyone Except…, Some People, or Just Me.
  • You Can Control Who Can View Your Facebook Friends List.
  • Your Friends List Will Be Visible to The Whole Public by Default.

Limiting Access to Your Friends List:

  • To Access Your Profile, Select Your Image from The Menu at The Top Right of Facebook.
  • Then, from The Drop-Down Menu, Choose Privacy & Settings.
  • Access the Privacy Settings by Clicking the Corresponding Link in The Column on The Left.
  • Find the Option that Controls Who Can See Your Friends List and Click It. and Select Edit from The Menu that Appears.
  • If You Want to Share Your Friends List with A Certain Group of People (say, Friends), You May Do so By Clicking on The Corresponding Audience Option.
  • Keep in Mind that Your Friends List Is Private and Can Only Be Viewed by Those You Approve.
  • People in Your Friend Group Can Choose Their Own Privacy Settings to Determine Who Can View Their Friend List.
  • For Instance, if You Restrict Access to Your Friends List to Only Yourself, No One Else Will Be Able to See Who You’re Friends With.
  • if Your Friend’s Privacy Settings Are Set to Public, However, Anyone Can See that You Two Are Friends.
  • You Should Be Aware that If Your Friends List Is Shown on Another Profile, It Will Also Be Visible in Your Own Friends’ News Feeds, Search Results, and Other Places on Facebook.
  • When Someone View Your Profile, They May Be Able to Discover if You Share Any Mutual Friends.
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