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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomeTechnology4 Fastest And Easiest Methods For How To Force Quit on Mac!

4 Fastest And Easiest Methods For How To Force Quit on Mac!

Given its usability and durability, the thought of buying a Mac is highly alluring for many. Many tech giants prefer Mac for its higher productivity and user satisfaction even if Windows is still a widely utilized operating system in the corporate world.

Although Mac apps are generally well-behaved, there are occasions when they freeze or slow down, forcing you to exit the program manually. Instead of waiting for the screen to unfreeze when an application on the system stops responding the way it did at first, try forcing the app to quit in order to end it instantly.

On macOS, apps are generally well-behaved, but occasionally they may stop functioning or freeze, slowing down your entire Mac. It’s time to uninstall the program if that occurs to you.

How To Force Quit on Mac

When you are familiar with a few simple methods, forcing an app to close on a Mac is a piece of cake. The easiest method of terminating broken and useless applications is to use this option. To keep you going, consider the following force-quit techniques:

How To Force Quit on Mac

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Method 1: Use the Apple Menu to force a quit

Step 1: Determine which app is not responding in the process’s first phase. It could be difficult to identify which program or window is causing the rainbow spinning wheel to appear if you have several open.

Checking the appearance of the pointer is the quickest technique to identify an unresponsive program. A normal cursor indicates that the application is functioning without error. However, if you see a rainbow spinning wheel in place of a pointer, the app is probably frozen.

Step 2: Look for the taskbar at the top of the screen once you have determined which app is unresponsive and what is slowing down the system. The Apple logo should be on the far left. Click it to reveal the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Force Quit can be chosen from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: A new pop-up window will appear, displaying a list of all the applications that are currently running on your system. Choose the app you want to stop using from the available choices. Use the Command button to pick multiple options at once if you want to shut down several applications at once.

Step 5: Choose Force Quit again in the new window as the next action. As soon as this happens, a pop-up box will let you know that the application won’t store any fresh modifications.

Step 6: Re-select Force Quit.

Method 2: Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Force a Quit

How To Force Quit on Mac

Make the task easier by using a mixture of keyboard shortcuts if you are having trouble finding the Apple logo or getting to the taskbar to access the drop-down menu. For a force quit window to appear on your Mac screen, press Option + Command + Esc together. Then, follow the previous instructions.

  • Command + Esc + Option.
  • Pick the app or apps you want to close, then choose Force Quit.
  • Pick Force Re-click “Quit” on the pop-up window to indicate that you wish to stop and are aware that any recent changes will be lost.

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Method 3: Force Quit Using the Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor is a fantastic Mac tool for locating a problematic or misbehaving application. You should force-quit any that you no longer want to run after checking how much power or energy they are currently utilizing.

How To Force Quit on Mac

Step 1: Use the Spotlight feature to launch Activity Monitor (Command + Space) or the Finder to find it directly.

Step 2: Once the Activity Monitor window has shown, select the program you want to force-quit.

Step 3: Press the cross symbol at the top of the window once you’ve decided which application to close.

Step 4: A second pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your decision to end the app’s use. Additionally, it gives you the option to halt the application-closing procedure. For the app to close immediately, you must click the Force Quit button in the middle.

Method 4: Force Quit Using the Dock

Step 1: Search the dock for the unresponsive app.

Step 2: Pick up the Option key.

Step 3: Click and hold the dock icon for the application.

Step 4: Decide on Force Quit.

Important Points To Remember

Last When it’s the last option left, you should force-quit a Mac application. This could cause you to lose previously unsaved documents and could also cause your system to damage some essential operating system files.

How To Force Quit on Mac

Force-quitting your Mac during the installation or update of new software could result in incomplete operating system installations on your machine. To shut down your Mac, use the regular procedure.

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When you’re using a Mac application and it freezes, it might be really annoying. The situation can become much more frustrating and challenging for you if you wish to force quit a frozen application but are unsure of what to do or which option to select.

Do you run into this issue frequently? Make use of the Mac force-quit methods outlined above. This manual is meant to save you time and make it possible for you to use your system effectively.

Sheela Sharma
Sheela Sharma
Sheela is a tech-savvy content writer with a passion for exploring the latest advancements in the industry. she has honed her skills in creating engaging and informative content that simplifies complex technical concepts for readers. Sheela's writing is always engaging and informative. When she isn't writing she likes to watch tv series and listen to podcasts.


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