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How To Check an Amazon Gift Card’s Balance And Reload Your Card?

Gift Certificates from Amazon make an excellent present for someone with everything. They are also a great way to budget your Amazon shopping or make quick and simple purchases. Your Amazon account’s gift balance is always available for a quick checkout since you can reload Amazon gift cards whenever you like online and in hundreds of different stores.

When You Check out on Amazon, your gift balance is prominently displayed, making it simple to see how much money is still available. This article explains how to check and reload your Amazon gift balance, whether you’re considering purchasing the most recent Echo device or simply want to see how much money you have in your Amazon account.

Most Amazon gift cards have the value printed on them, whether they are physical cards or electronic cards you received via email. There are ways to find out the balance on an Amazon gift card if you don’t know how much is left on one or want to check the balance on one that has already been used.

How To Check an Amazon Gift Card’s Balance

Amazon Gift Card Balance

Your Gift Card Fund, which holds the value of all of your Amazon gift Cards, gets credited when you redeem an Amazon gift card. How to check the balance on your Amazon gift cards is provided below. When using your computer to check the balance of your Amazon gift cards:

  • Visit now.
  • Check out the Accounts page. Choose “Account & Lists” in the upper right corner, followed by “Account.”
  • Choosing “Gift cards.”

You May View Your “Gift Card Balance” and “Gift Card Activity” on this page. You may view all gift cards that have been used and when gift card money was applied to purchases in the “Gift Card Activity” area.

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To Check the Balance of Your Amazon Gift Cards on Your Phone:

  • Launch the Amazon app.
  • Go to the bottom navigation bar and click the Account button.
  • In the “Payments” section, scroll down and choose “Manage gift card balance.”

Amazon Gift Card Balance

You May View Your “Gift Card Balance” and “Your balance activity” on this page. You can check when you spent gift card cash to make purchases and when you claimed your gift cards in the section under “Your balance activity.” As soon as you have money in your gift card fund, Amazon will utilize that money to make your purchase.

Consequently, you don’t need to remember to utilize your Amazon gift card when you shop on Amazon. You can choose not to use your gift card money if you wish to reserve it for particular purchases. Use the “Change” button, navigate to the “Your available balance” area, and uncheck the box next to “Use your gift card balance” in the “Choose a payment method” section when you’re checking out.

How to Check the Balance on An Unredeemed Amazon Gift Card

A Gift Card that has not yet been redeemed on Amazon cannot have its balance checked. Either redeem the gift card or give Amazon Customer Support a call at 888-280-4331. On a computer, you can use your Amazon gift card as follows:

Amazon Gift Card Balance

  • Visit
  • Check out the Accounts page. Select “Account & Lists” in the upper right, followed by “Account.”
  • Choosing “Gift cards”
  • Decide on “Redeem a Gift Card.”
  • In the “Enter claim code” box, enter the number on your gift card and choose “Apply to your balance.”

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To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card on Your Phone:

  • Activate the Amazon app.
  • Go to the bottom navigation bar and click the Account button (person icon).
  • Choose “Manage gift card balance” under “Payments” in the area that you scroll down to.
  • “Redeem another gift card” should be chosen.
  • Gift card numbers should be entered in the “Enter claim code” field followed by “Apply to your balance.”

After using a gift card, the funds cannot be transferred to another account. But you can get a new gift card right now to give to someone else.

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