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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsFormer Nypd Members Take Jobs in Florida

Former Nypd Members Take Jobs in Florida

(The Main Square) About 1,750 law enforcement recruits have received bonuses from the state of Florida since Gov. Ron DeSantis began the Law Enforcement Recruiting Bonus Program a year ago.

About half, or 530 people, came from other states; the top four origins were New York, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania, with 100 people each.

In a joint statement issued by the governor’s office, several recruits explained why they had decided to move to Florida. Former NYPD policemen, who feel they were abandoned by the city, make up a sizable portion of the grateful public.

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A historic number of New York City police officers are leaving the force or retiring this year. In January and February of this year, 239 officers left the force, compared to 176 in February of 2022 and 110 in February 2021.

According to a study in the New York Times, NYPD pension data shows their departures are up 36% from last year and up 117% from 2021.

Davey, a former police officer with the New York City Department of Police who now works at the Clermont Police Department in central Florida, said, “After 17 years of service in the NYPD, I felt like my city was no longer behind me.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to move my family and pursue a career in law enforcement in a different city.”

He had already started the application procedure to join the Clermont PD when the incentive scheme was announced, thus he was still eligible for it. He was reassured that “police enforcement were accepted and embraced here in the state of Florida” thanks to the initiative.

He also mentioned that the bonus he got was enough to cover his first mortgage payment. Funds that arrived “from a state that backs up its police force 100%. Thanks to this good fortune, my family and I feel accepted and secure in our decision to relocate.”

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Rob, another ex-NYPD officer who now works for the Clermont PD, cited “New York’s over-taxation is oppressive and pays for failing policies that have led to both a huge spike in crime and deterioration in the quality of life” as the reason he moved to Florida.

He worked for the NYPD for 25 years and was promoted four times before deciding that moving to Florida was the best option for him. He believes “the people and the government in Florida are significantly more grateful and supportive of law enforcement” and that the cost of living is lower there.

He further explained that he was “glad to make the step” because he had heard Governor DeSantis’s plea. “The Clermont Police Department was extremely helpful and understanding during the process of relocating from out of state to a new job in law enforcement.

Despite everything, relocation was extremely costly, thus the bonus was very helpful. It’s well valued.”

Kevin, a fellow New Yorker who moved to Bradenton last September for a job with the police department, said the bonus helped pay for his family’s relocation costs “and more importantly, [gave] us a piece of mind by reaffirming our decision to migrate.”

But the Step Up for Children tuition program and the Florida education system “that has actually set our children up for success” has been even more beneficial to his family, he said.

DeSantis has included $30 million in his budget for fiscal 2023-2024 to keep the recruitment bonus program going in the hopes that additional New York Police Department officers and others from throughout the country will continue to relocate to Florida. The increase from the prior year’s budget is $10 million.

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DeSantis first extended an invitation to New York City Police Department, Minneapolis Police Department, and Seattle Police Department officers to relocate to Florida in November 2021, telling them, “If you’re not being treated well, we’ll treat you better here: you fill important needs for us, and we’ll compensate you for that.”

At least fourteen cops accepted his invitation and soon after moved from the New York Police Department to the Lakeland Police Department in Florida, which is near Tampa.

They pointed to the city’s leadership, which they claimed had turned its back on the police, as well as to DeSantis’ recruitment drive as reasons for the unpleasant work climate.

DeSantis added, upon reporting the program’s continued success a year later, “Because of our dedication to back-the-blue initiatives that make our law enforcement officers feel supported by their communities, Florida ranks first in the country in law enforcement recruitment.

We Floridians support our police officers because we recognize the value they bring to our communities.”

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