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Finn Wolfhard Net Worth: Is Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Pearls Still Dating?

He is a well-known Canadian actor and musician who rose to prominence in the entertainment and music industries. After starring Mike Wheeler in the acclaimed Netflix horror-thriller Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard rose to prominence.

He is one of the hardest-working actors in the Canadian film industry and has received countless plaudits and awards for his outstanding performances in blockbuster blockbusters.

In the 2017 horror thriller It, where he portrayed Richie Tozier, Finn received additional recognition. In addition to his acting profession, Wolfhard is a well-known musician and member of the renowned rock band Calpurnia.

Early Years

On December 23, 2002, Finn Wolfhard was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His father, Eric Wolfhard, is a scriptwriter and researcher on indigenous land rights. Nick Wolfhard the older brother of Finn, is also an actor and voice actor.

Wolfhard enjoys playing guitar and bass and has been interested in the entertainment industry. His family encouraged him to seek a profession as an actor and singer.

Finn wanted to pursue an acting career, so he enrolled in Catholic School and was later homeschooled instead of attending a traditional school.


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Finn Wolfhard began his acting career in 2014 when he made his first appearance in the popular television series The 100.

Craigslist, a renowned American classified ad website, provided him with this opportunity. Following that, he appeared in another TV show called Supernatural.

After that, he had his career breakthrough when he was cast in the acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things in 2016. He is currently acting in this popular series and has garnered a lot of fame and recognition.

He has also appeared in the animated series Carmen Sandiego, which he is now working on since the year 2019. Along with his work on television, he has also appeared in several well-known films. He made his acting debut in the movie It and It Chapter Two, which he appeared in.

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Since then, he has appeared in several notable films and television shows, including Aftermath, The Goldfinch, The Turning, Ghostbusters Afterlife, Young Math Legends, Smiling Friends, Home Movie The Princess Bride, and several others.

Guest Grumps, SuperMega, HeadGum, Spendtime Palace, Ninja Sex Party, Weezer, and others featured him in web series and music videos. He’s also appeared on podcasts such as If I Were You, Lackluster Video, Review Revue, and an audiobook called When You Finish Saving the World.


Finn Wolfhard has earned several famous prizes throughout his music and acting careers. In 2017, he received the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series. In 2018, he also took home the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

He’s also been nominated for several major prizes, including Young Artists Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. In 2020, he also won the Atlanta Shortsfest Award for Best Director.


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Personal Life

Personal Life

Wolfhard has used his fame to do good things, like help with autism research and fight for the rights of indigenous children. He has also put together a benefit concert called “Strange 80s” to raise money for musicians who have trouble making a living.

Wolfhard is still young, but he has already made a significant mark in Hollywood. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, “Variety” put him on their list of young Hollywood stars making a difference.

He was also named one of the top 30 stars under 18 by “The Hollywood Reporter” and is on the “Forbes” 30 under 30 lists.

It was said that Wolfhard was dating his co-star Millie Bobby Brown, but both of them denied this. Wolfhard had a relationship with actress Elsie Richter in 2021.

Finn Wolfhard comes from a Christian family in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, upper-middle-class. He is a Canadian and a Christian by his nationality and religion.

His father’s name is Eric Wolfhard, and he studies aboriginal land claims for a living. His mother’s name is Mary Jolivet, and she stays at home to take care of him.

He also has a brother named Nick Wolfhard, one year older than him.
Finn Wolfhard hasn’t gotten married yet.

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Finn Wolfhard’s Net Worth

Finn Wolfhard has a net worth of $4 million and is a Canadian actor, musician, writer, and director. Finn Wolfhard rocketed to fame because of his role in the smash Netflix series “Stranger Things.

” He has also starred in several other successful films and has received various honors and plaudits for his efforts.

Salary for Stranger Things

Each child actor was paid $10,000 per episode in the first season. For the season, that amounted to $80,000. Their pay was increased to $30,000 every episode for the second season, totaling about $270,000.


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Each of the significant kid performers will earn $225,000 every episode beginning in the third season, totaling about $2 million for the season.

Why Is He So Popular?

Finn Wolfhard rose to prominence after starring in “Stranger Things” as Mike Wheeler. On December 23, 2002, he was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is descended from German, Jewish, and French ancestors.

Finn is the second child of Eric Wolfhard, an aboriginal land claims researcher, and Mary Wolfhard, an artist at the Dormouse Design children’s clothing line. Nick, his older brother, is also a performer.

“Well, when I was about 9, I performed the math in my head.” ‘Well, if I want to make films,’ I reasoned, ‘I could just walk on a film set and study there,’ since I wanted to be a director.’

Then I fell in love with acting and the set, always making new pals. So that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.” Finn Wolfhard is a character in the game Finn Wolfhard


Finn has been a student at a Catholic school in Vancouver since the late 2000s. When he was ten years old, he started interested in performing. He took part in several acting schools and theatres to strengthen his acting abilities.

Craigslist landed him his first acting gig, then a position in The CW’s “The 100.” He made his acting and television debut in the small role of Zoran. He played Jordie Pinsky in the hit show “Supernatural” in late 2014, which he starred in.

What Do You Think Made Him So Successful?

Finn Wolfhard’s success stems from his ability to work as an actor, director, and playwright while still composing music. Aside from acting, the “Stranger Things” star has regularly put out music. He was the lead guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the Vancouver-based rock band “Calpurnia.”

“Having collectives is one of my favorite things to do.” Even when it comes to filmmaking, music, and other forms of creativity in general, I believe that everyone should have a say.

If you’re in a group, I think that everyone should have a voice.” Finn Wolfhard is a character in the game Finn Wolfhard


He stayed with them until November 2019, when they disbanded. He was signed to the Royal Mountain Records label and toured the world during his four years with the rock band. He has lately created his band, “The Aubreys.

” Finn has contributed to several successes, including “Loved One” and “Smoke Bomb,” in addition to his debut EP “Soda and Pie.”

“I like Nirvana, Joy Division, and New Order – I think it’s the older alternative.” Finn Wolfhard is a character in the game Finn Wolfhard


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