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Finally, a Fruit Scanner that Can Determine Whether Your Avocados Are Ripe Is Available.

All of us have been there. You’ve worked hard all day, it’s late, and all you want to do is go home and unwind with your family. But are you really not at home? No, that mound of fresh, hazardous avocados is staring you in the face as you shop for ingredients for homemade guacamole and mocks you with their mysterious knobby skins and probably rock-hard interiors. Who has three days to spare when you make a poor decision and go full Last Crusade? The “freshness scanners” from OneThird can help with that.

According to the corporation, up to 40% of the perishable food introduced to the market each year (worth around $1 trillion) is finally thrown away before it reaches our kitchen tables.

Additionally, the current generation of produce scanners can only provide information on lab-specific tests (such acidity and sugar levels) rather than freshness or prospective shelf life. The firm claims that the OneThird touch points can reduce food waste in these circumstances by up to 25% on average.

its a black box with a cradle for either strawberries or avocados that blasts a little red light at them and tells you if they're sufficiently squishy.

“The staggering amount of food that is wasted each year is tragic, especially considering how much of it occurs in developed nations. OneThird’s CEO and creator, Marco Snikkers, said, “We’ve worked hard to develop technology that helps address this enduring, worldwide issue that directly affects food scarcity.

“We take great pride in having created the first device that can estimate the shelf life of fresh products in an impartial and accurate manner. The demand for our technology has been tremendous, and we want to spread it more quickly over the world.

The OneThird devices are able to instantly evaluate an avocado’s shelf life by interpreting the results of a near-infrared laser using proprietary algorithms. The business produces two versions of the system, one for the consumer in the produce aisle and the other for the supply chain’s growers.

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