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Elon Musk Reacted To Jimmy Fallon Tweet After #RIPJimmyFallon Goes Viral On Twitter!

Just weeks after Tesla creator Elon Musk gained control of the social media network, late-night comedian Jimmy Fallon had his first issue with Musk’s tweets. On Tuesday evening, tweets and parodies commemorating the “death” of Jimmy Fallon began trending with the hashtag “#RIPJimmyFallon.”

Fans and the “Saturday Night Live” alum were both worried about the trending hashtag. The still-living Fallon was unhappy. “Please, Elon, can you take care of this? We’ll miss you, Jimmy Fallon “On Tuesday, he sent out a tweet.

An alert that used to appear alongside Jimmy Fallon‘s tweets explained that “a user took advantage of Elon Musk’s product change allowing anyone to have a verified account for $8 to construct what looked like the official @FallonTonight handle.”

After asking for Musk’s assistance on Tuesday, Fallon finally got a response on Wednesday, but only because he didn’t tag Musk in his original tweet. The creator of SpaceX responded to Fallon with a joke rather than an urgent solution. His first tweet on Wednesday morning simply said, “Fix what?”

What makes you think we don’t have an extraterrestrial body snatcher here posing as Jimmy!? On Wednesday afternoon, Elon Musk replied once more. Make a statement that only the genuine Jimmy could make.

Still no word from Fallon to Musk. Twitter’s fact-checking and verification problems, which have persisted since Musk took charge at the end of October, are likely to blame for the comedian’s troubles.

Elon Musk‘s first major step was to establish a new subscription plan called Twitter Blue, which requires users to pay $8 per month to have their accounts verified. Unfortunately for some businesses, this led to the impersonation of official accounts by users.

On the flip side, verified users who upgraded to the latest version of Twitter Blue have complained that they can’t change their usernames. Doja Cat, a musician, was one of them.

The “Say So” singer had some problems reverting back to her original display name after she had jokingly changed it to “Christmas” last week and sought assistance from Musk. Tweeting, I don’t want to be Christmas forever please help I’ve made a mistake @elonmusk,” she begged for assistance.

Musk wrote, “You should be able to change your name now” days after the Grammy winner had also cursed at him. Given Twitter’s new direction under Musk, some famous faces are reevaluating their previous commitment to the service. A number of users have stated that they are leaving the social media platform.

Still others, such as conservative actor Kevin Sorbo and comedian Terrence K. Williams, have stated their intention to remain. Earlier this week, Williams assured his followers that he would not be abandoning Twitter.


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