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Elena and Stefan Break Up? Why Do Stefan and Elena Act Like They’re Breaking Up?

Stefan, tired of Elena’s evasions, decided for her. Consider it the right choice. Fans of The Vampire Diaries, we have a lot to discuss, and I think we can all agree that the episode of November 15 was where Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) had “the talk,” and it didn’t go so well.

Truth be told, I have no doubt that a sizable portion of the fandom is prepared to do an Elena and jump from Wickery Bridge. Don’t do it! Damon (Ian Somerhalder) warned her tonight.

What Caused Them to Decide to End Things

elena and stefan break up

In my opinion, Damon and Elena’s chemistry has been fantastic from the very start of the program. Their chemistry was palpable from the start, and even though they didn’t date for the first two seasons, fans couldn’t help but ship them. After Stefan breaks up with Elena at the start of Season 3, Elena spent a lot of time with Damon, despite their shared desire to reunite with Stefan.

Neither Elena nor Damon anticipated their affection for one another to develop so quickly, and neither has taken advantage of their newfound proximity. In all seriousness, he had much too many opportunities. If he wished, he could have stopped caring about Stefan and instead pursued a relationship with Elena. He was innocent. Without any active participation from either of them, fate had their meeting and falling in love.

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Their Relationship

My guess is that Elena has always had a soft spot for Damon. Despite her best efforts, she could not deny the intensity of her love for him or the evident connection between them. Since she was committed to Stefan at the time, she resisted her attraction to Damon. What she had with Stefan was quite real to me.

What they shared was truly amazing. But somehow the love she had for Damon was stronger, if it wasn’t so, she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him. Immediately following this revelation, in season four, we learn that Elena and Damon have a sire bond, like Klaus and Tyler. Knowing this tears Damon’s heart since he believes Elena was only with him because of the bond and not because she truly loves him.

When Did Elena First Met Damon?

elena and stefan break up

Elena‘s confession that her feelings for him go beyond the sire bond in the season four finale is the show’s best moment. Elena had feelings for both brothers, but she knew she couldn’t do anything but Damon to hurt Stefan if she chose him. In one episode (around the end of season 3? ), she admits to Damon that their relationship may be very different if they had met first.

Just after that they show a flashback to when Elena first met Damon and he mistook her for Katherine (the night her parents died), thus she did in fact meet Damon before she met Stefan. But she can’t remember it because Damon wipes her memory. The part where Rebecca finally asks Elena if she loves Stefan, and Elena admits that she does, is really fantastic. When Rebecca presses further, though, Elena emphatically denies being romantically interested in Stefan.

How Did It Feel when They Broken Up?

It’s the most accurate description of Elena’s feelings toward Stefan. But in the end, she gave in to her feelings for Damon and picked him over Stefan since she believed she belonged with Damon. During the time he was filming the breakup between Elena and Stefan, Paul Wesley was dealing with his own personal problems.

Wesley told Dobrev and The Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec that his real-life experiences informed his acting in that sequence. He said on the Binge podcast of Entertainment Weekly, “I remember doing at least four [takes] that were, like, pretty good.” I had some personal issues to deal with as well.

What was going on in Wesley’s private life that made it so trying was not discussed. Nonetheless, he made an effort to keep The Vampire Diaries’ employment from affecting his personal life. To put it bluntly, he was just trying to keep his head above water in real life, therefore he didn’t feel like venturing into the shadows.

So [filmmaker John] Behring kept on me to make progress. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he really wanted that on screen, and I remember being a little bit furious at him, even if it was his job. In a similar position, I would take the same action. The goal of every film or TV production should be to reflect reality as accurately as possible.

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In “The Vampire Diaries,” Why Did Elena and Stefan Split Up?

elena and stefan break up

Elena and Stefan’s budding romance was introduced in the first episode of The Vampire Diaries. They began dating quickly and became deeply in love. However, things shifted as Katherine Pierce unexpectedly returned to Mystic Falls. Katherine was only seen in flashbacks throughout the first season. Meanwhile, Damon was busy attempting to find a way into the tomb so he could rescue her.

Yet, she was never a part of it. And it was Stefan, not Damon, who drew her back to Mystic Falls. In season 2, she made it her mission to drive a wedge between Elena and Stefan. That, and keeping herself safe from Klaus Mikaelson and the other Original vampires. To placate Katherine, Stefan and Elena pretended to split up. But she saw through their scheme, and Aunt Jenna (Elena’s relative) ended up in the hospital as a result.

Katherine had already done a great deal of harm to their lives. She had already made good on her threat to harm more people, like Jeremy, by turning Caroline Forbes into a vampire. Elena finally ended her relationship with Stefan in “Plan B,” the sixth episode of season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, so she could protect her family.

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