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Sssniperwolf Breakup? What Are The Reasons Behind Their Breakup?

SSSniperWolf, whose real name is Alia Shelesh and who also uses the moniker Lia, is a YouTube gaming sensation who has been in and out of a relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage. SSSniperWolf, who has amassed an impressive 19.3 million subscribers on YouTube, told the story of how he and his boyfriend met in a video titled “How I Met My Boyfriend” in 2015.

All of this started when Sausage sent her a message on YouTube saying, “I would drag my balls through a field of shattered glass simply to hear you fart via a walkie-talkie.” SSSniperWolf found it hilarious and ultimately offered him her number after they began communicating over YouTube.

Their Relationship

Sssniperwolf Breakup

Sausage, who has 323,000 subscribers, initially catfished SSSniperWolf. After receiving a real snapshot, the gamer stated she loved what she saw and claimed she particularly enjoys men with long hair and beards. Six to eight hours a day were spent in conversation when they first started talking. Apparently, Sausage was so scared on their first date that he fled from her at the airport. He had never had a girlfriend before.

Additionally, SSSniperWolf admitted that rage issues were an initial strain on their relationship. They ultimately decided to buy a home together, and it was assumed that they would eventually tie the knot. However, further down the road, there were other obstacles to overcome.

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Who Is Sssniperwolf’s New Boyfriend?

Sssniperwolf Breakup

We can’t say for sure, but it appears that after a long and tumultuous history together, the couple has finally found peace and is living together at this time. And based on two primary considerations, we can conclude that they are still together. For starters, in 2019 we watched a video of SSSniperWolf’s lover, Evan Sausage, filming her while she gave a tour of their home.

Another time was in May of last year when SSSniperWolf was being filmed for a Q&A video and was asked if she has an ex. This essentially explains why the couple is still together and why things are probably better between them now than they were before. On occasion, we even catch a glimpse of one of them in the other’s online profiles. It’s probably safe to presume that SSSniperWolf and her boyfriend are still together.

So, yes. For the time being, this is all the information we have to share with SSSniperWolf’s eager admirers regarding her partner. If anything noteworthy occurs, we will be sure to let you know. If you want to stay up-to-date on your favourite shows and celebrities, subscribe to Insta Chronicles.

Sssniperwolf’s Bad Relationships with Her Boyfriend, the Hurdles

Sssniperwolf Breakup

Perhaps you’re wondering why we described this couple as “bittersweet.” There’s a good cause, and I have no doubt that, because you’ve read this far, you’re dying to learn more about the ins and outs of their connection. Truth be told, even the most jaded among us find celebrity rumours entertaining. Well, read on to find out what the real deal was with SSSniperWolf and her partner, who caused quite a ruckus among her following in the early years of their relationship.

SSSniperWolf and her partner, Evan Sausage, had a difficult go of it in 2016. How did we get all this information? SSSniperWolf had a habit of recording every detail of her life and their relationship. Thus, she took to YouTube in 2016 to break the news of their split. In May, this occurred. A short time later, in June of that year, SSSniperWolf uploaded yet another video about her and her partner. It was a video of the two of them getting back together and kissing at the airport this time. The video was so endearing, and it made us all fall in love with the two of them.

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Their Breakup

Sssniperwolf Breakup

In September of the same year, however, SSSniperWolf posted a video in which he claimed that the two had broken up and that they had decided to continue living together in the same house, but this time solely as roommates. One of their arguments became so violent that it landed them in legal hot water. In another video she posted with the title “ARRESTED,” she discussed this very topic.

She explains how SSSniperWolf’s boyfriend, Evan, changed his phone wallpaper to a photo of another girl, which truly irritated her, in that video. There was a major altercation because of this. And perhaps one of their neighbours (they don’t know which one) called the police on them because they were too noisy. The two were taken into custody after they disrupted the peace of the entire neighbourhood with their behaviour, noise, and yelling.


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